Friday, August 4, 2017

Benjamin Islands to Blind River

Wind Power-but they weren't turning when we passed by
Ed note: It seems there are technical issues downloading pics from the phone - remote wilderness, maybe?  So sorry I can't attach more images today!  😥😓

There are a few moments in life when we want time to stand still and our time in Canada is one of those moments!  As we inch closer to Drummond Island (US Customs check in point) I just want to stop any forward progress!

We spent 3 fun-filled days and 2 calm & secluded nights anchored at Croker Island.  Ivanhoe & Tranquillity III were “med moored” with us – dropped the bow anchor and backed up to shore, then tied a stern line to a tree.  Everyone stayed in place & we all shared the fabulous view!

We explored the Benjamin Islands by dinghy, shared a bon fire/hot dog roast on the beach and went swimming in the cool, unsalted, shark free water of the North Channel! Fun, fun, fun – relaxing, no drama/injury/illness…just time spent taking in all the natural beauty!  God is so very, very good!

Thursday morning we untied stern lines and pulled up anchor – it was time to move on.  After looking at weather forecasts The Lower Place was headed to a marina.  The predicted wind and thunderstorms for the next 2-3 days meant if we anchored – we would be stuck on the boat…we know better than that!  At least in a marina we can get off the boat (between storms) and do some land-based activities – you know, like laundry, walking, shopping…

Before long Ivanhoe sent a text saying they were coming to the marina too. Tranquillity III was in the lead headed to John Island to anchor…and then Karen (from T3) sent a text saying they were on board with a marina too.  YAY!!  

Blind River Marina/town is the largest community we’ve seen in quite a long time!  Their population is around 4,000 and we enjoyed dinner at 17 Restaurant on Thursday.  It felt nice seeing other people!!

I’m not sure how long we will be in Blind River or if we will continue to Thessalon afterwards or if we will cross over to Drummond Island, MI and clear customs to the USA.  So many decisions!!  But I do know 1 thing…the Georgian Bay and North Channel has been my FAVORITE leg of this journey!!  If you EVER have the opportunity to see this part of North America – DO IT!! You can come by car, plane, train or boat – just make sure to see it…no regrets!

Make today a great day and appreciate the simple, uncomplicated things of creation!  Happy Friday!

God Bless!

Mixed message perhaps?? 

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