Sunday, August 27, 2017

Celebration in Muskegon MI!!!

Sunset Muskegon Lake 8/25/2017

Happy, happy, happy with Cathy (Southern Cross)

What a fantastic afternoon we had on Friday 8/25/2017!!  Sanctuary crossed their wake at the mouth of Muskegon Lake and I think the whole town showed up for the celebration!!  Balloons, cheering, pictures, horn blowing…I felt like we were in a parade!!  In true looper fashion…we all joined in on the festivities; Southern Cross, Jaycee Lynn, Ivanhoe, Bad Habit, Tranquillity III and The Lower Place motored through the channel & docked for the party!  Special thanks to Last Call (who crossed their wake earlier this month) for showing up in their dinghy to take photos of everyone and to Cathy on Southern Cross-she ordered banners of congratulation shipped to the marina.  The club house looked great!!  It was a reunion filled with lots of smiles, a few tears and of course looper family love!!  Congrats to Steve & Teresa!!  By the way, they haven’t made it to their dirt home yet, they are still on the boat!!

Sanctuary leading the way - Gold Loopers!
Everyone getting lined up for the processional to Lakeshore Yacht Harbour
We opted to stay in the marina for a few days and get some much needed cleaning done – spiders and webs are never-ending.  So Saturday was spent cleaning & polishing isinglass, canvas and floors; a bike ride to West Marine (Charlie) and naturally, laundry.  Later in the day I received a text about a pot luck dinner at the club house and I was happy to share a blueberry cobbler – made from blueberries picked in the North Channel! YUM!

Professional installation of a new broken bones (or boat).
On a more serious note – we have been attached to the weather reports regarding Hurricane Harvey and the impact on our family in the Houston area.  As of this writing everyone we know is safe and dry.  Prayers for all involved.

The weather in our area has been sunny, windy and cool at night.  Today (Sunday) the clouds have rolled in & it’s spitting rain.  We plan to leave in the morning heading toward Chicago – we are days away but good to know there is a destination.  Our friends on Tranquillity III & Ivanhoe headed out on Saturday with their own plan.  That’s the joy of loop travel, everyone has their own ideas/routes and it’s a surprise when we cross paths with each other!

Teresa & Steve aboard Sanctuary with the GOLD!
We hope you have a safe and wonderful Sunday…be kind and helpful – every face has a story.

God Bless!

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