Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hello Indiana & Central Time Zone!!

South Haven MI 8/29/2017
Wow!! After an overnight stop in South Haven MI & extensive weather research we opted to follow the shoreline of Lake Michigan to Michigan City, INDIANA and not cross directly to Chicago.
As previously mentioned Lady Blue can be temperamental & defiant – a dense fog advisory was reported for Wednesday morning…it was clear on the lake. BUT there was no mention of rain and we were clearly not prepared for THIS…
we did not receive one drop of rain - Thank You Lord!
 It was a 5-6 hour cruising day with a light chop and high anticipation…we entered the Central Time Zone upon arrival in Michigan City!!  What a fabulous marina – BIG and FULL of super friendly people.  Seriously, we were idling down the fairway looking for our slip number (8014); a man was jogging down the dock yelling “What slip are you looking for?”  I said, “8014”. Colonel Friendly (my nickname for him) said, “Keep going, I’ll catch your lines.”

Once we were tied up and shook hands, Southern Cross was coming down the other side of the fairway…SAME SITUATION!!  We helped them dock and Cathy (Southern Cross) mentioned she was looking for a grocery store.  Colonel Friendly reached into his pocket & handed me his car keys!!  He told us to take our time & he would catch up with us later.  Not. Even. Kidding!!!  It wasn’t long before Cathy, Mary (Jaycee Lynn) & I were cruising around Michigan City looking for Al’s Supermarket!  Jackpot!

Snapped this from the fly bridge while docked at Michigan City IN  8/31/2017
Back at the marina, the winds picked up and the 3-5’ wave predictions are spot on!  We will be here until Saturday at the earliest!!  The sun is shining brightly but the wind will knock you over…we are staying tied to the dock. And why wouldn’t we…people are coming out of the woodwork with offers of local knowledge, vehicles even hosting a pizza party on the dock tonight for loopers!!  There’s a “boatload” of loopers here-all dodging high winds!!  And we are walking distance to a MALL!!

We are not far from Chicago and honestly we are not in a big hurry to get there.  Tropical Storm Harvey is making his way north and the river system will experience elevated levels & debris.  With respect to all who have suffered/endured/survived Hurricane Harvey, we have no reason to complain about rain & wind but we are also smart enough to let the system run its course.  Chicago will be there.

Make this last day of August the best day of the month…do something unexpected & nice for someone unsuspecting.  

God Bless!
The Lower Place & Pharm Life (right) docked in South Haven MI 8/29/2017

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  1. Hello Robin from Bob and Diane on Islandia, your Jeff 42 sister ship. We crossed Lake Michigan from Ludington (backtracked from Pentwater) on August 25. Currently in Milwaukee after having been weathered in Sheboygan for a couple of days. Hope to catch up with you in Chicago or in the Rivers. Imagine it'll be a week before we can get through Chicago given the current weather conditions. Have fun at your docktails! Bob and Diane