Thursday, August 10, 2017

Island Hopping in Michigan

Leaving the harbor at Beaver Island 8/10/17

Beaver Island Beach "sunrise" 8/10/17

What fun we’ve had in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan!  First stop was Drummond Island the next day we docked at Mackinac Island, two days later we spent the night at Beaver Island – hmmm, I see a pattern…

A few more pics from Mackinac Island – 
A cruise ship docked at Mackinac Island the morning we left-WOW!

Lighthouses guide the way throughout the Great Lakes

A load of timber on the Mackinaw Bridge
 Our time on Beaver Island was fun and FULL of history.  Most of what I’ve learned is that I have a lot to learn!!  The determination, strength and bravery it took to migrate & discover new land – surrounded by water! – is phenomenal to me.  We really take dots-on-a-map for granted, don’t we?  Of course, I was walking all around the harbor with Karen from Tranquillity III…and neither one of us had a camera (or phone)!!  But we enjoyed every step and once again met the nicest people – there’s a pattern in the “nice people” category too!

Today we are already underway to Petoskey or Harbor Springs-we will decide at the half-way mark.  Both towns are on the “main land” and will be a great stop for a few days for boat maintenance; oil/filter change on the engines and the generator, a soap & water wash down on the exterior, fender scrubbing and the usual routine of laundry, grocery and sightseeing…ahhh, the glamorous life of a looper!

Use today to discover something new then share it with others!

God Bless!!

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