Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Current to Kagawong

Little Current Municipal Complex

After two nights at Port of Little Current we tossed the lines on Monday morning and headed to Kagawong!  A quaint town with fantastic walking/hiking trails and BONUS!!! Bridal Veil Falls at the top!!  After our hike, a dip in the pool at the base of the falls was refreshing!!  The water was so crisp and clear…just the break we needed for the return hike.
Bridal Veil Falls-we were not alone!
Interesting and challenging terrain-worth it!!
 We also took the time to visit the local Anglican Church.  What a fantastic story and I really wish we had been here on Sunday – I sure the primitive style of worship is heart-warming.
The pulpit is crafted from the bow of a boat
It feels odd to be at a marina so soon but Kagawong Municipal Marina has been a comfortable stop – safe, secure, quiet…ahhhh!
The Lower Place docked at Kagawong Municipal Marina
Tuesday, 8/1 we will begin our tour of the Benjamin Islands, very remote and isolated we are looking forward to the pink granite cliffs.  However, that probably means we will be without reliable cell/internet service for a few days…unless we climb to the top of a granite mountain!  Never fear, I’m sure we will cross paths with other loopers headed in the same direction!! It should be fun and exciting – our new normal!
Perhaps a "bike trail" sign?

Reach beyond your normal and amaze yourself…today.

God Bless!
Sunset from The Lower Place at Kagawon on 7/31/17

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