Monday, September 18, 2017

Alton Illinois Weekend

Bad Habit leading Ivanhoe & The Lower Place under the Lincoln Memorial Bridge
Special Thanks to Mike on Tranquillity III for the photo

We have had a good time with great friends in Alton – so much fun we stayed an extra day!  And the thunderstorm weather rolled in Monday evening…so Tuesday morning departure may be delayed.

If you’ve never been to Alton – you are missing a real treat!  This town is the perfect blend of city life and strong mid west hospitality.  Karen (Tranquillity III) and I have toured this city on foot – 6 miles on Sunday and 8 miles on Monday!! We have similar exploration skills – we left the marina on Monday to walk to Dollar General (2 miles away). We returned about 3 hours and 8 miles later…we kept seeing signs of things we wanted to see!!

Brick Streets + hilly terrain = great cardio
Sunday morning I headed out on my own for a run & to clear my head.  There were no Protestant churches within 4 miles of the marina so the Good Lord & I went for a run.  I was taking in the sights, listening to my music & simply being thankful for all I’ve been allowed to experience the past 11 months.
St. Mary's Catholic Church and School
 Soon I had a call from Charlie – Karen was looking for me, ready to explore!  We like the residential parts of a community and Alton is FULL of history!!

  Like the Trumbull House – President Lincoln slept here

Don’t pass by Cowboy Supermarket…you can pay your utility bill, play the Illinois lottery, order a cheeseburger, wire money…the options are endless!!
Of course plenty of walking/running/biking paths
this kind of talent amazes me...
Monday’s trip to Dollar General was soooo much more!!  We saw many different neighborhoods and a little bit of the business district too!

 At Fast Eddie’s apparently you can’t bring your kids in AND you can’t take your food out.  

This beautiful Presbyterian Church is for sale
Robert Pershing Wadlow - life size statue
Robert Pershing Wadlow – What an amazing life…I’m so glad Karen was on board with the extra steps it took to find this display.  Worth it!!
Mr. Wadlow's custom chair
As the days in Alton come to an end so does our time in Illinois.  Tuesday (weather permitting) we will start moving again, cross into Missouri territory continuing on the Mississippi River.
Until then, be kind and honest to yourself and others.

Our view from The Lower Place
God Bless

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