Monday, September 4, 2017

Chicago - we are here!!

Chicago Skyline from the bow of The Lower Place

After a very relaxing stop in Michigan City IN – shopping, walking and visiting the zoo – we left Indiana and arrived in Illinois…more pointedly…CHICAGO!!
Ferris Wheel on Navy Peir

Beautiful Riverfront

The Cloud aka The Bean - so cool!!
We have absolutely enjoyed everything about Chicago – the Navy Pier, Riverwalk, Jazz Festival, sight-seeing and of course….CHICAGO PIZZA!!
Pepperoni "Pie" as deep as my fork - 1 slice limit - OMGoodness!!

Tuesday morning (weather permitting) we will depart the mooring field and actually head back to Indiana to enter the Calumet River.  Given the height of our boat, the increase water level in the Chicago River AND the surprisingly lack of local knowledge about bridge clearances we are playing it safe and avoiding the fixed bridge of 17’ – which may be less but no one seems to know.

Sight-seeing tour with Mike & Karen from Tranquillity III
It’s rather bittersweet to leave the pristine water of Lake Michigan and enter the river system…the path toward home!!  There is still a lot to see and do – the Tennessee-Tombigbee River may hold our finish line but this is not a sprint!

Monumental Buildings everywhere!
As your Labor Day weekend draws to a close, I hope you have taken the time to appreciate those around you.  And say a special prayer for those who may be hurting.

God Bless

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