Thursday, September 28, 2017

Green Turtle Bay – for the Weekend!

We eased right past Paducah KY - Bad Habit (center) found their sweet tea!
Friday the 22nd found us docking at Green TurtleBay in Grand Rivers, Kentucky…a wonderful marina full of loopers – bearing white AND GOLD Burgees!!!

But first I must say that I never thought we would celebrate 27 years of marriage with such a close-knit group of friends we’ve known less than 12 months…that’s what life is like in Looper World!  We shared a great meal at Bill’s with David & Kim from Overtime…thanks for changing your reservation time to include us!

Bill's starts decorating for Christmas e.a.r.l.y.
Saturday brought a “boat load of Loopers” into the marina and we were as excited as kids at Christmas!!  Tranquillity III, Ivanhoe, Bad Habit, Kia Mae, Skinny Dipper, Barefoot Shoes, Southern Cross, Time Out, Vahevala and a few others I’ve probably missed all rolled in late afternoon on Saturday.

...they kept rolling exciting!!
I’ve said many, many times this journey and the people we meet continues to amaze me…what other trip provides a friendly face at every stop – even though you’ve never been there before?!?!  Prime example…we pulled into the fuel dock at Green Turtle Bay and who was there to greet us??  Our friends Rick and Monica from Moni Jean…our Bahama buddies!!!!  What a welcomed sight – it felt like coming home!!!

Moni Jean at anchor near Thirsty Turtle
And now for the GOLD NEWS!!  Ivanhoe and Tranquillity III “crossed their wake” at Green Turtle Bay on Saturday the 23rd!  We have been so blessed to call these folks friend for many months!  You know when you meet someone for the first time & it feels like you’ve been friends forever???  Yep, that’s our connection with Tim & Anne (Ivanhoe) and Mike & Karen (Tranquillity III)!!!

Ivanhoe for the GOLD!!! 
Tranquillity III for the GOLD!!!
The Saturday night celebration at the ThirstyTurtle included just about every looper docked in the marina and a few not-yet-looping friends joined us as well.  A wonderful time was had by all!  A hearty congratulations to our newest GOLD friends!
Yep, gonna miss the T flags on the water & the marinas
We will continue our loop and making new friends...but the Lift Lock Gang is forever etched in our hearts!!!

God Bless


  1. We are Forever Friends for sure!!! Thank you for all the fun and the memories we made along the way. We can't wait to catch up with you guys it in a few weeks or a few years, the friendship will be the same.
    Anne and Tim