Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kimmswick MO

Sunrise over the Mississippi River at Kimmswick MO 9/20/2017

We left Alton, IL Tuesday after a 2-3 hour fog delay and had an easy travel day to Kimmswick MO…docking The Lower Place at the iconic Hoppies Marine. We are currently traveling with several other loopers - 5,6, 8 – I can’t keep count!! Anyway, once we docked we took the short walk to town…what a pleasant surprise!!  Stepping back in time we learned all about Kimmswick and how the townspeople worked together to save their way of life.  If you haven’t been there, plan a trip today!!!  Seems like Fall is a very busy time for community events and they have the hospitality gene!!
The Arch in St. Louis
Our travels on Tuesday took us through St. Louis!  The view of the arch from the water was spectacular and that’s about the only positive comment I have about that city.  Let’s just say the debris in the water was minimal to the filthy and vulgar language we were bombarded with from the river workers as we cruised through – it was very disturbing! I hope a supervisor was listening.

Our approach to St. Louis
Today (Wednesday) we left bright and early and have planned a 110 mile travel day hence, I have time to update the blog.  The swift Mississippi River current is with us so without using additional fuel we have picked up speed and will be safely anchored well before dark.

Street signs in Kimmswick
We have just a couple more travel days on the Mississippi before we turn up the Ohio River at Cairo IL.  Yes, at this point in the journey we hop from Illinois to Missouri a couple times.  If all goes well (weather, barge traffic, etc.) we should be in Paducah KY by the weekend – another state added to our growing list!   Because of the remote areas we will be traveling I may not be able to update our travels for a few days…we are fine and dandy, traveling with a fantastic group of folks and above all…having FUN!!

Thanks Fern!! For your hospitality AND wisdom
Have a great week and please say a prayer for those who are hurting.

God Bless

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