Thursday, September 28, 2017

Nashville Road Trip!

Well fed fish greeted us at the Settlement
After the weekend of GOLD looper celebration was over – our friends Scott & Lorrie (Bad Habit), Jim & Kim (Kia Mae) and Tim & Anne (Ivanhoe-GOLD) threw off the lines and headed to Nashville for a great side trip!  The Lower Place stayed in the slip awaiting a package delivery and spending some quality time with the other loopers.

Mike was so impressed-this lady recited the entire dessert menu!!!
Monday afternoon Cathy (Southern Cross), Karen (Tranquillity III-GOLD) and I headed to “town”…1880’s Settlement.  We had a good time touring the shops and trying to stay cool – it’s Indian Summer in Kentucky apparently!  What a neat area…and reasonable prices – YAY!!

I returned to the boat and Charlie greeted me with “OK, here’s what we’re gonna do…”  I always know that leading statement indicates 1)any plans previously discussed are void and 2) whatever it is – it should be fun!

local wildlife in the Settlement
Long story short – since Tranquillity III crossed their wake & planned to leave the boat at Green Turtle for a couple weeks, they needed a ride to their dirt home.  Mike rented a car & Charlie agreed to “bring it back.”  Ummmm…they live outside of Nashville!!  Ok – road trip with T3!  AND BONUS….remember Bad Habit, Kia Mae & Ivanhoe left by water earlier in the day?  Yep…this road trip had the bonus of a looper reunion!! YAY!!!

Bad Habit, Ivanhoe & Kia Mae approach to Nashville Docks
We headed out by car on Tuesday being very careful of our texts and conversations with the unsuspecting trio cruising up the Cumberland River.  Wednesday around mid morning we predicted they would be at the Nashville City docks around 1:00-1:30.  And just like clockwork we were there on the pedestrian bridge watching them approach.  Pictures were snapped, then texted to some of them and the excitement started.

Bird's eye view of Kia Mae...
Once they were safely docked we greeted each other like long lost family – after all, it had been 2 days since we last saw one another!!  We shared the afternoon and most of the evening with them enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of downtown Nashville!!

Thursday morning we had a reality check…Charlie & I had to leave the respite of a dirt home AND the company of Mike & Karen to return the rental car in Paducah.  And Mike & Karen have to figure out “land life” once again…

...and Bad Habit
We are back on the boat Thursday afternoon and preparing to depart Friday morning heading toward Pickwick!!!  I can’t believe I’m saying this but we will cross our wake at Pickwick!!!  It’s crazy to think the “end” is so close…the closer we get the slower we travel!!  Normally, it should take 3 days from Green Turtle Bay to Pickwick…but we have a few side trips to consider.  AND the weather is getting cooler so all the anchorages along the way will be fun to explore.  It may take us 10 days to get there!!!

the lights of Broadway, Nashville TN
I will try to do better at updating the blog…we just get so busy when we dock in a marina, time slips by!!

Until we see you again – enjoy your day/week/weekend!!

God Bless

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  1. What a fun surprise that was!!! Can you surprise us again soon please?? We miss ya'll...