Saturday, September 16, 2017

Photo promised!

It's Saturday!!!!
 We have completed the Illinois River and transitioned to the mighty Mississippi River!! This weekend we are docked in Alton IL!  It is HOT!! We can really notice our southerly direction of travel but leaves are still trying to change color.

Here’s a picture story compiling our last few travel days…
September 11, 2017

Sunrise at Lower Henry Island, IL anchorage…anchored with Tranquillity III and Ivanhoe

Note the stop sign at the end of the street.  Safety first!!
We stopped in Peoria IL for an afternoon of land fun

A great stop to tour the Caterpillar Museum…fun times with Bad Habit, Kia Mae, Traquillity III and Ivanhoe

…and the walking/running/biking trail…yay!!

September 12, 2017
Locking through headed south –

Bad Habit on the wall & Tranquillity III rafted
...Ivanhoe went to the starboard wall - all alone!!
Kia Mae directly behind us
Check out this trawler park at Quiver Island anchorage!!

Ivanhoe (far rt), Kia Mae (l) and Unruly (in the back) anchored behind us…

Bad Habit (l), Tranquillity III (r) and Crow’s Nest (way up front) anchored in front of us

September 13, 2017

River travels requires sharing our space with barge traffic…we squeezed between the tow and the little red buoy on the left side of the picture.  I was driving and the tow operator was super friendly on the radio!
A few more barge passings/meetings then we felt all alone again...

September 14, 2017
Kia Mae? Is that you?!? Under the bridge??
Thursday morning we woke to FOG! We anchored under/near the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge with Bad Habit & Kia Mae.
We had time for coffee AND breakfast!

Car ferry’s are quite popular in this stretch of the river…seems like they could use a little cell/internet upgrade.

We stopped for lunch at Mel’s Restaurant in Hardin IL…they had dock space and delicious food.  We stayed for the evening, walked the town and returned to Mel’s for breakfast!! What a super friendly community – loved the local flavor of everyone!

That brings us to Friday September 15, 2017 and the weekend!

Traveling the Illinois River we see lots of flags…this particular captain was flying the Texas state flag, commented on our MSU flag and revealed he was a “Roll Tide all the way” fan!!  SEC football fans can be found ANYWHERE…LOL!!

And just like that…The Illinois River ends…welcome to the Mighty Mississippi River!!!

This home sits above the "line" of the Illinois & Mississippi Rivers
We are in The Alton Marina for the next 3-4 days doing the usual stuff...fuel, pump out, laundry, grocery, small maintenance and touring the town AND SEC football viewing!!!

A quick note regarding Lock 52 on the Ohio River…it is open – or at least that’s what we’ve been told today!!  Unfortunately, we have been given “official” incorrect information from time to time.  This is one of those situations that is extremely fluid (pun intended)!! But in reality by the time we reach Lock 52 on the Ohio River all the information we’ve been given could possibly be true. For perspective, Lock 52 – like all locks on the river system – is a Corp of Engineers lock.  Controlled and authorized by the federal government…need I say more??

Ok, this should get everyone up to date and let you know we are happy, healthy and safe. So with my chore list complete, it’s time to take a quick run around town to find a church for tomorrow morning and maybe a grocery store…before kick-off!!

God Bless

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