Sunday, October 1, 2017

River Boating and the Winter Pool

Signs of winter - geese flying south

After a great day of cruising, Saturday we anchored at Cuba Landing Marina.  A unique situation – we actually pulled into the marina, being VERY careful of the water depth and motored past the covered slips to find a well-protected part of the harbor.  Apparently we were the only boat to motor in this area for a while – fish were jumping everywhere!   It was quite a sight to see but of course I have no pictures – I was on the bow of the boat looking for “obstacles”.

Apparently the winter pool is already stabilized because we are on high alert for low water!!  Our plan was to make it to Perryville Marina in Parsons TN on Sunday.  We made arrangements to see a couple family members – so excited!!  Charlie called Perryville and the person on the phone was kind enough to tell us there was not enough water at their docks for our boat.  We need 4’. 
Water levels are very low - it's called Winter Pool\
We continued cruising to Mermaid Marina…Charlie called them & was told “yeah, we got 6’ here”.  Hmmm…upon arrival/approach to Mermaid we hit bottom…apparently, their version of 6’ is a result of delusion.  We were able to back off the sandbar, thankfully without damage to anything.  Charlie radioed the “fella” at Mermaid, explained what happened.  The “fella” acted like we shouldn’t have a problem…Charlie thanked him and we continued cruising.  So disappointed we won’t get to see the family but the last thing we need is to get stuck behind a sandbar at Mermaid Marina…until Spring!!

So the research continued…and now we are comfortably anchored at Swallow Bluff Anchorage south of Clifton TN.  It is only fitting that we anchor on this final night of our Great America Loop journey!!  It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, frustration, determination and love!  My emotions are all over the place but at the end of the journey…every single day – all 343 of them – was a day well-spent.

Would I do it again?  Hmmm…not next week – but never say never.
Today - just be still
Tomorrow we will arrive at Aqua Yacht Marina, the “technical” starting point for us since we’ve traveled from Pickwick to Midway Marina in Fulton several times.  So with nearly 6,000 miles under keel since October 23, 2016 we will bring The Lower Place to the dock.  Our not-so-white burgee will be exchanged for the GOLD burgee!!  Yes, the GOLD was certainly earned by all those who prayed for us, supported us (even though they secretly thought we were nuts) and most importantly our family – you guys ROCK!!  Thank you for loving us enough to allow us to be a little selfish and experience the trip of a lifetime!
Mondays were really never my favorite day of the week – but tomorrow is MONDAY and I’m a little excited about that!!
God Bless

For Sale by Owner - water views!


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