Thursday, February 22, 2018

An update to our 3 Rivers Anchorage…

A nice, calm anchorage...plenty of water or so it seemed!

Isn’t it great how God sends people to us in the most unusual way for the most unusual reasons?

We had an enjoyable afternoon working on projects…trying to update the blog, etc.  Around 5:00 Charlie fired up the grill for dinner just as we saw a flat bottom fishing boat approaching our boat.  Charlie met them at the bow of our boat.  A couple local men (I presumed it was father w/grown son) proceeded to tell Charlie that we were actually anchored in flood water.  He said the river level was dropping and while we had plenty of water under the boat there was a sand bar at the opening.  Once the water dropped we probably wouldn’t be able to get out…even at high tide!  GULP!!!

Needless to say, we thanked them many times, loaded dinner on the grill, pulled up the stern & bow anchors and motored outta there!!!  It wasn’t a long, drawn-out or dangerous situation – in fact, by the time we were settled dinner was ready! YUM!!

This random act of neighborly kindness is just one of the many reasons we continue to enjoy our travels on The Lower Place.  And another reason we are reminded to show love & respect to one another.  And being a good neighbor is always a good idea even if you have no idea where the people live!!

God Bless!!

A side note regarding the choice of anchorage...our charts didn't define it as an anchorage but showed there was plenty of water. Always pays to honor the local knowledge!

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