Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mobile, Alabama!

WOW!! Who knew we would be in Mobile AL just 5 FULL travel days after leaving Columbus MS?!?  Well, we did stop early on Monday and Wednesday but I didn’t nap!
The Emery El - our buddy boat since Columbus MS - good times!
Ok on to today’s journey (2/22/2018)…once again we were so happy to be travelling with Emery El and a little sad because this was our last day with them.  We pulled up anchor at 3 Rivers Anchorage & were underway by 6:20 am.  Once again, the elevated water level increased the current which increased our speed…yay!!

I have to get a pic EVERY TIME of the I-65 bridge (aka the Dolly Bridge)
There was a rumor that the sun would shine again so I was looking forward to that!  I noticed an increase in barge traffic and knew when we entered the Mobile River channel it would take both of us to pay attention.
Big Traffic
Flat Seas on Mobile Bay - thank you Jesus!
Upon entering the Mobile Bay we were both surprised to see the flat seas!! Yippee!! We planned to stop at Dog River Marina for the night (1 free night with a fuel fill up), do a little laundry & have dinner with the crew of Emery El – John and his brother-in-law Fran - full of information and advice and so easy to talk to. I’m going to miss them but they are turning east tomorrow and we are turning WEST!!!
And BIGGER Traffic

That’s right ladies and gentlemen….we are headed to the Mississippi Gulf Coast!!  Gulfport to be exact!!  We talked about taking a little detour but didn’t want to commit to it – you know, weather, timing, etc.  So it looks like we will have an “acceptable weather window” to make the journey.  It will be a long day (9+ hours) and we will leave early (0’dark:30) but isn’t that our new normal?

By this time on Friday 2/23/2018 we should be tucked in at Gulfport Marina – effectively completing the great state of Mississippi via water route from north to south!!  Not necessarily in a  straight line…

We will keep you posted on the next crazy adventure brought to you by The Lower Place.  Have a super great weekend and do something unexpected for someone you don’t know.

God Bless

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