Friday, March 30, 2018

Bye, bye Punta Gorda...

Sunset Punta Gorda FL 3/29/2018

All good things must come to an end but that doesn’t mean we can’t come back!!  While having dinner at F M Don’s Charlie & I discussed staying in Punta Gorda throughout the Easter weekend.  I was completely in agreement with the idea for a multitude of reasons…happy girl!!

After dinner we strolled through a few side streets to get a feel of the artsy side of town.  Never to be disappointed here’s a glimpse of some local talent…

Excuse me m' this seat taken?

Decorated/bedazzled bikes parked all over town

Really talented singer - not a great angle (sorry)
Then morning came (5:00) and Captain Bathrobe decided it was time to move on!  So by 7:46 am we were underway feeling a little sad about leaving.  But what’s the sign of a great vacation?  Leave wanting to stay…a perfect recipe for setting up a return trip!
The water was the color of Fresca...remember that beverage?
Friday was a full day of travel and it felt good to be on the move.  An unexpected blessing happened in Venice FL when we stopped to refuel - .10/gal discount because we bought more than 100 gallons (196 gallons to be exact)!!  I knew I liked Venice FL!!  It was a little early to stop for the day and the marina was full so we traveled further with plans to anchor at White Beach anchorage south of the Siesta Key Bridge.
Calypso Poet - neighbors for the night!
Time and miles ticked by, boat traffic was quite busy (holiday weekend) but not overwhelming.  As we approached the anchorage, Charlie’s phone rang.  Who would imagine Calypso Poet (Gary & Coleen) calling us…because they were anchored in the same area!!!  We met them in Pensacola FL and crossed the Gulf of Mexico together!  Once our anchor was set Charlie & Gary talked, they invited us over to their boat.  Charlie thanked them and explained our Lady Bulldogs are playing tonight. So we will grill some burgers and cheer on the Lady Dawgs from The Lower Place!!  Praise the Lord and Go Dawgs!

God Bless

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