Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cayo Costa State Park

The struggle is real in Florida...

FUN, FUN, FUN times at Cayo Costa State Park, Bokeelia, FL!!  We have been anchored here since Wednesday (3/14/2018) and the weather just keeps getting better and better!  And the boats just keep coming in and there is PLENTY of room.  Today’s uniform…t-shirt, shorts, walking shoes and SUNSCREEN!!
Moments later...yep, saw a gator!
We have dinghy’d to shore ($2/person admission) and walked to Pelican Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  We have walked the numerous trails (some would say “hundreds of miles”), watched birds, spotted alligators and marveled at the varying topography within a 5 mile radius!!   We have quietly entered the small pools tucked away and watched the manatees (sea cows) just floating & rolling around…a typical way to spend their day!  This is truly a step back in time and with the beautiful clear waters you can almost reach down take your pick of the fish!!
The main road to the Gulf of Mexico
On Friday (3/16/2018) we journeyed 6 +/- miles in the dinghy to North Captiva Island – no cars but LOTS of fish!!  We ate a pricey lunch at Barnacle’s and walked the island a little.  It felt like the Bahamas – sand roads, golf carts, outdoor dining and private air strip for “personal planes”.  The place was buzzing with people – completely opposite of Cayo Costa – and it was a nice change of pace for the afternoon.

Of course, this is the time my phone decides to go “wonky”!!  I don’t know what’s happened (could be operator error) but all my pictures appear upside down & my compass is bouncing around like I’m a magnetic field!! So I’m sorry for the lack of pics!!

On Sunday (3/18/2018) we will pull up anchor and head to Fort Myers (civilization) for a week or so.  It’s time to seriously think about fuel, water, laundry, groceries…and getting my phone diagnosed!  We breezed through Fort Myers in the fall of 2016 but several friends stayed for a month or longer.  All indications and personal opinions tell us we won’t be disappointed.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!!  Stay tuned…

May you have a rewarding weekend.
God Bless!

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