Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dunedin, Clearwater, Trolley & Uber

Main Street, Dunedin FL
Thursday 3/8/2018 proved to be a FULL day of walking & exploring!  This area has sidewalks/bike paths galore so I headed out this morning to Ozona, FL.  I had a few things to drop at the post office and according to BING Ozona was the closest one – 2.3 miles away!  The sky was cloudless, sun shining brightly and wind blowing 15 mph!! But it was a great excursion and Ozona seemed to have a quaintness of Old Florida.  Of course, it was early & the post office was the only place open. I would have lingered but it was blustery! Shame on pictures!

Heading back to Dunedin Charlie called & said he was going to find a parts store (looking for a small light bulb) and so begins the adventure!  We met, walked to Publix – I needed some chocolate milk – and searched for a Laundromat (found one but they were BUSY, laundry can wait). Then we decided to head back to Tarpon Springs on the Jolley Trolley – still looking for the small light bulb.  I received a phone call and after saying good bye, we found ourselves at the Jolley Trolley stop heading south toward Clearwater (executive decision since I was on the phone).

We waited and waited then the trolley showed up & we were off to Clearwater.  In route, I search for a West Marine store (found it!) but it wasn’t on the Jolley Trolley route.  We hopped off the trolley at the Clearwater Municipal Marina and had a wonderful 5 mile foot tour of Clearwater, a brief stop for lunch and landed at a new West Marine store (grand opening 3/17)!  Yes, they had the light bulbs…now wasn’t that easy??
Interesting artwork in Dunedin
The captain decided he was done walking and called Uber to take us back to downtown Dunedin.  Richard was a charming gentleman who seemed to enjoy his Uber career.  I’m guessing he was a teacher/coach during his “wage earning years” before retiring to Florida.  His Brooklyn accent proved my point that the further south you travel in Florida the more northern it sounds!!  It’s really true!!
We had a brief walk around Dunedin Charlie spied a north bound trolley stopping and BAM!  We were back on the bus headed back to the boat…he was done with foot travel for the day!  And I was done with the windblown look, honestly!

Friday we will cast off our lines and head south a few miles heading for Boca Ciega Key for the weekend.  We are looking forward to anchoring at the island and if the wind calms as forecast, we can lower the dinghy and do a little exploring! YAY!!

I’m not sure of the cellular connectivity at Boca Ciega so if I don’t post for a couple days…no news is good news!!  Make this weekend a happy one…do something unexpected for a stranger!!

God Bless

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