Friday, March 2, 2018

Greetings from Fort Walton, FL!

The view off our starboard while docked at Ft. Walton

That’s right; we departed Pensacola this morning about 8:30 and continued our voyage of the Florida Panhandle.  The weather was beautiful, a little windy but since we were in the ICW the protected waters were flat and uneventful…YAY!!

A brief 6 hours later we were docked in Fort Walton FL!  We stayed here in the fall of 2016 with several other looper friends and filled the place!  Today…just The Lower Place and a sailboat – a very helpful fella VERY willing to catch our lines during our windy docking!!  Maybe self defense since we were “parallel parking” in front of him?  He was very complimentary of our “calm, quiet docking skills” and of course I gave all the credit to our EarTech headsets because let’s face it…every docking attempt is an adventure!! Ha HA!!
The empty city dock - where are the people?
Since we stopped early – did I mention this was a FREE dock? – and I’m feeling better with improved range of motion in my neck I used the time to reorganize my clothes.  Winter stuff FINALLY stored and summer stuff pulled out of hiding….yep, we’re in FLORIDA!!!

We had an early dinner – oven baked MS raised catfish and pasta salad – and I realized later…I haven’t been off the boat!  Oh well, it’s dark now & the demographic seems to change in this area if memory serves me correctly.  It’s been a good day all around.

Tomorrow we will attempt to reach Panama City (87 miles) and I’m hoping we can get into the same anchorage we used in Nov., 2016 – behind a draw bridge and very dinghy friendly!!  We had good times there with Southern Cross and Rascal’s Retreat…ahhh, the memories!

May your weekend be filled with rest, relaxation and completed to-do lists…hug someone special.

God Bless

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