Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jolley Trolley and Tarpon Springs

The local fisherman

We are well rested from the overnight crossing and hit the ground running today…at the crack of NOON!!  After reviewing & documenting the ship log, a nice hot breakfast on board and general cleaning up the place we were ready to go exploring!

But WOW it was WINDY all day!  Once we found ourselves on the main drag in Dunedin we decided to try the Jolley Trolley system.  A couple phone calls and speaking to the locals & we were picked up, headed north to Tarpon Springs on a $5/person all day pass!

Love the local artwork - Bikes everwhere
A quick side note: It seems we amass a lot of coins on our boat.  Quarters are great for laundry but the dimes, nickels & pennies really seem to add up.  I counted and rolled coins this morning so yes…we paid our trolley fare with 2 rolls of dimes!!  The driver said it was a first for him!!  LOL!!!

Tarpon Springs is a favorite stop for me…nothing dramatically changes (my first visit was as a child) and the people are so friendly.  While trying very hard to NOT duplicate our original stops Tarpon Springs is the exception.  I have family in the area, Costas is still the best Greek food EVER and we were looking for Harbor Host Herb!  2 out of 3 ain’t bad!  But hey, we will be back through the area in May…stay tuned.
Hand painted & life size
We walked the main areas and took a side trip to Turtle Cove Marina to see Calypso Poet & Blue Moon – there weren’t home.  But we did see Kenny & Sherry (Blue Moon) at Costas!  Isn’t it great to be visitors in a town and still see people you know?!?   Boat life is great…

It seems the windy conditions will remain throughout Thursday so I’m not sure if we will travel or not…there’s more to see in Dunedin so I would be fine staying 1 more day.  We will see what the morning brings…

God Bless

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