Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday 3/3/2018

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Wow, what a night!! If anyone is interested, the FREE city dock in Fort Walton FL has officially been voted #1 on our “no-go” list!  We never felt in danger but that was a very active location all. night. long.  It seems the multiple sailboats anchored nearby are all comfortable with using dinghy transportation day and NIGHT.  The people kept to themselves but talked constantly and since we slept with the window (and one ear) open there was very little sleeping.

Needless to say, when The Lower Place departed at 7:15 am the captain tapped the horn with a toot-toot; except on our boat it’s more like a BOONNNKKK, BOONNNKKKK (think: cruise ship horn)!!!  Oh well…

Saturday was a solid 8 hour cruising day and while we had plans to stop at our favorite anchorage in Panama City FL – we simply cruised on by to get a few more miles under the hull.  So tonight we are anchored in Parkers Bayou east of all the fun & folly of Panama City.

Sunday morning we plan to pull up anchor at first light and continue the eastward journey across the FL panhandle.   We are making great use of fabulous weather!!  And we are getting closer to Carrabelle FL and that is the jumping off point to our Gulf of Mexico crossing.

Naturally, that crossing takes planning with other boats and especially the weather!  Based on several observations and a couple of much-valued veteran boater opinions it looks like we are pushing for a Monday 3/5/2018 evening Gulf crossing!!  Of course like a lot of things in life…these plans are subject to change.

The crossing will take 19-21 hours so naturally we will leave Carrabelle late afternoon (4:00ish) and cruise all night, planning our arrival in the “crab pot zone” well after sunrise.  One never wants to get tangled up in a crab pot – for many reasons.  This time we are going to Dunedin FL.

The Marker One Marina sustained heavy hurricane damage and they are in the process of rebuilding.  Charlie called today we were surprised to hear they could accommodate us!  So that’s where we are headed – it’s about 9 miles further from Tarpon Springs.  As I mentioned earlier in this trip – we aren’t trying to completely duplicate our previous adventure – this time we’d like to see a few things we missed in fall 2016.  Of course, if my Florida family is reading this…I’m not talking about YOU!!!!  I do plan to see y’all; I hope we can make that happen!!  J

So there’s not much to report since I haven’t put my feet on land since Thursday evening!!  But I do hope you have a fantastic Sunday.  Thank the good Lord for all your blessings and troubles!!

God Bless

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