Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wind, Sun and LOTS of Fun in Ft. Myers

Ft. Myers - Palm Trees & Blue Skies

We have spent a full week in Ft. Myers FL at The Marina at Edison Estate.  Ft. Myers is a very pedestrian-friendly town filled with music, art & LOTS of history.  This is also the spot where we met our friends Randy & Missy aboard Catch & Release AND had a surprise visit with Gene & Nan from our North Captiva Island lunch at Barnacles!  SMALL WORLD!

Ft. Myers is a town best described from a first-hand experience.  The first few days were super windy, a little cloudy and busy with boat chores (laundry, grocery, small maintenance, etc.).  Randy & Missy (along with Zeke) came in late one afternoon and it was so good to see them…except Missy had a terrible sinus infection.  We greeted them with open arms, an appointment to the walk-in clinic & an Uber ride.  It’s terrible to feel bad on the water!!  She is MUCH better.
Zeke & Uncle Charlie headed to Publix

We spent several days walking, touring and visiting all over down town.  The wind calmed by mid week & dock visiting was much more enjoyable.  We met several cruisers with plans to head north and explore the river system (our home territory) so it was nice to share local knowledge – and calm a few fears of “river legend”.

Thursday brought a very nice surprise…we received an email from Nan!  We shared a table at Barnacle’s with Nan & Gene a week earlier and discussed our experience of anchoring at Cayo Costa State Park.  We exchanged boat cards and went our separate ways.  Imagine our surprise to hear from them with an invitation to the Edison Winter Estate to see a premier of Mullet & Mangroves.  They live & play in Ft. Myers and as it turns out we walked right past their home on our way to Publix!!
Mullet & Mangroves by Ilene Safron is a top notch documentary of Cayo Costa Island history!  It was a wonderful film and I can’t wait for it to be available to the public!  We enjoyed the beautiful evening in such a pristine setting…and once again, felt so blessed to be the guests of Gene & Nan!  Proving over and over the boating community truly is family!
Trees everywhere!
So, if you are looking for a variety of things to do on foot…the Ft. Myers riverfront is that place!!  We typically don’t like to stay docked for long periods of time – but this morning (Sunday 3/25/2018) we both commented how quickly the week flew by!

But now it is time for us to move on…and say good-bye to Randy & Missy!!  They will continue on to the Bahamas and we are…turning NORTH!!  Yep, we have decided to start making the slow journey home.  Maybe we will finally see leaves on the trees when we get home – in a couple months!
Sunset Ft. Myers (3(24/2018)

God Bless – as we begin the holiest of weeks.

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