Thursday, April 19, 2018

Adventures in Carrabelle FL

What more does a girl need??

This is our third visit to Carrabelle by boat and the FIRST time we’ve stayed long enough to explore by foot.  While the rest of the gang went to eat breakfast, I headed out on foot to see what this town on Florida’s Forgotten Coast had to offer.  Turns out…lots of fishing and a few hidden gems of art!!
I plodded along the water front and the town has really invested in this area…
Warm welcome to the waterfront

Patriotic tribute 
A bike rack doubles as ART!!
Next I meandered through some neighborhoods with sand roads – actually noted as “Avenues” and discovered the Carrabelle Bottlehouse!! I told Rick and Monica (Moni Jean) about my discovery and it turns out they have been looking for this place the last couple years – so I was fortunate enough to have TWO visits!! YAY ME!!!
 A must see!!
Seriously, a real BOTTLE house
And a real BOTTLE lighthouse
Here’s a first for us…this marina has handicap slips!! And when we arrived late Wednesday afternoon the wind was picking up (imagine that?) so the manager/owner directed us to the first slip next to the fuel dock!!  How convenient - we were able to get the boat docked bow in and THEN get fuel!!  Of course, I’m not sure what this says about their opinion of us.  Maybe they think we actually qualify!! LOL!!!
The Lower Place docked at C Quarters - too funny!
This evening we will review the weather and route to determine if/when we depart on Friday.  I’ve enjoyed our stay in Carrabelle and even more happy to know all of our open water crossings are over for this trip!

Until our next adventure…stay positive – be the Light!!

God Bless
Sunrise 4/18/2018 headed to Carrabelle FL

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