Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hello from Dunedin, FL...again!

Blue skies, blue water at anchor
It’s been awhile since our last update – my how time flies!!    We haven’t covered a lot of miles but we sure have enjoyed our time; mostly sunshine, 80°+ temps with a cooler breeze, low humidity, lots of walking and best of all visits with family!!

When we left Punta Gorda, we anchored 8 hours later at White Beach/Siesta Key and stayed there until Sunday April 1.  The weather was gray, overcast and threatened rain (never happened) just not a pleasant day to travel – so we didn’t.  Easter Sunday we traveled 5 hours and anchored in Gulfport FL.  That town might sound familiar since we stopped there for a couple days when we were south bound.  There was nothing pressing us to go into the marina – so we didn’t. But I really needed to get off the boat and we dingy’d to shore.  It was Easter Sunday and I was pleased to see several businesses closed. We ate a light mid afternoon snack, walked the streets a little bit then back to the boat.  Not as much land time as I’d hoped but the wind changed & the waves picked up.  When the dinghy is your car, the weather matters! LOL!!
Windy in Gulfport FL on Easter Sunday
Monday, April 2 we departed the Gulfport FL anchorage and ventured a little further north hoping to dock in Tarpon Springs FL. No such luck…no room at either marina.  Luckily we had that information before we arrived near Dunedin.  So history has repeated itself and here we are at Marker 1 Marina for the second time on this trip!  It’s a great stop, LOTS of pedestrian friendly sidewalks and crosswalks, the Jolley Trolley and a pool at the marina.  Life could be worse!
Monday afternoon view in Dunedin FL
Since Tarpon Springs is only a 1 mile walk & 7 mile Trolley ride away we aren’t  completely isolated from the local family.  AND what a fabulous family time we have had this week!  Not only have I been blessed to visit with my Aunt, cousins, great cousin & (gulp) great, great cousins…another Uncle & Aunt traveled from Pennsylvania for the week!!  What a double blessing to see them after 20+ years!! I admit – I’m the worst family member in the group about keeping up with kin!!  We picked up right where we left off oh so long ago…I’m thrilled to know my branch hasn’t been pruned from the family tree!! I really need to try harder to stay in touch!!  But hey…it’s a BIG BRANCHING TREE!!  Trust me!!!  My first friends in life were my cousins….and that’s 24 folks not including spouses or my sisters!!
Good times with Family!
We shared a couple meals, LOTS of laughter, conversation and a few tears – life is a circle!  I’m so blessed to still be in the circle – thank you Chris & Debbie for your gift of hospitality and love of family.

And just like that…my phone decided to stop taking/making calls on Friday the 6th.  So we are staying in Dunedin until the replacement phone is delivered (scheduled for Monday the 9th).  Hopefully by Tuesday we will be underway again – slowly moving north.  Word on the street is there is freeze warnings, sleet, etc. still happening at home…we are in no hurry!
A brief afternoon thunderstorm - looked worse than it was
Until the next post, continue smiling, breathe deep & enjoy the gift of just being with those you love. The good Lord blesses us each and every day with opportunities to share His love.  What have we shared today?

God Bless

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