Sunday, April 15, 2018

More weather ...and adventure!

Moni Jean leading the way from Dunedin

Since the last update we have been on the move, making new friends and enjoying Steinhatchee FL!  In true cruising fashion we had a dawn departure from Dunedin on Thursday the 12th.  While our friends Ivy & Jackie (Imagine) are staying a little longer in Dunedin we were thrilled to have our Bahamas Buddies Rick & Monica (Moni Jean) catch up with us & travel together.

In the past we have chosen to cross the Gulf of Mexico all at once – creating the 20+ hour overnight crossing that causes so much anxiety – and it turns out to be no big deal.  But since we are trying to do things a little different we have opted to take a longer route requiring daylight only travel.  Dunedin to Cedar Key to Steinhatchee to Carabelle – otherwise known as the “Big Bend” route.
Weather, weather, weather…Dunedin to Cedar Key was a long travel day (70ish miles) with wind and waves a little beyond ideal for me.  But once you commit…  Upon our arrival to the Cedar Key anchorage the winds were too strong for a dinghy trip to shore & we were tired. Good thing we went to bed early because it was a rolly, windy, swinging on the anchor kind of night!  The anchor was secure but when the tide turned it was loud!

Friday (4/13/2018) was another early departure to Steinhatchee & WOW what a ride!  We knew the weather was going to shift later in the day and the seas would be “a little rocky” starting out.  Short version…we saw waves from .5’ to 5’ ALL DAY LONG!!  The earlier part of the day everything was hitting on the bow and then we turned north & the wind shifted south so the remainder of the day we were pushed from behind & wallowed as if we were in a washing machine!  UGH!!  Not to mention we were apparently cruising the crab pot capital of the Gulf!  There wasn’t much to say that would change anything…I tried to load a video, apparently there was an "error".sorry!

Once we arrived in Steinhatchee almost 7 hours later Monica & I compared notes – yeah, it was quiet on her boat too! LOL!! Based on the weather forecast we will be in Steinhatchee until at least Wednesday the 18th.
Yes, the fish are REAL - No, these are not the Fishermen! LOL!
What a GREAT stop!! Sea Hag Marina and the Steinhatchee community has been so welcoming – southern hospitality at its finest!!  There was a fishing tournament on Saturday – a local fund raiser for local animal rescue. And we met some of the nicest people – the family sponsoring the tournament – sharing their story of life and loss. Their faith and dedication to family was evident and I felt so blessed to spend a little time with them – it’s amazing how often similar life stories can bond complete strangers.  Thank you Justin, Stacey, you precious (& respectful) kiddos, mom Lois and dad for sharing your story, faith and time with us!  God bless you!

Sunday brought tremendous storms!!  We stayed on the boat safe and sound and monitored the water level in the marina. Late in the day (after the front passed through) we got off the boat and walked with Rick and Monica to Roy’s – a delicious meal and welcomed change of scenery. 

Back at the marina a couple smaller boats had broken loose from their slips.  Charlie climbed aboard looking for additional lines – no luck. I went to our boat, grabbed an extra dock line and tossed it to Charlie. Rick was able to pull the boat back into the slip securing the bow. Charlie readjusted the stern and all was well.  Then another boat was loose!!  The lines just came untied so the same process was used and the lines were re-tied (properly).  Good times!!

The wind is predicted to remain strong for a day or so longer but that’s just fine.  I have some exploring to do on land!

Until the next post – embrace life, smile at strangers and hug someone…every face has a story.

God Bless

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