Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rock 'n Roll Tuesday

Tuesday morning 4/10/2018 Dunedin FL

I normally don’t post “weather only” info…but today was so stormy, windy and incredible I just had to share!

The weather forecast was spot on!  When we woke on Tuesday it was windy, muggy, humid, soupy, whatever you want to call it…a perfect day for BAD HAIR!!  We had a few boat chores to complete then it was time to hunker down!
These pictures were taken in "color mode"

For several hours we were pounded with rain, wind, thunder and lightning.  We stayed on the boat keeping an eye on the lines and fenders.  We weathered it all very well and by 4:00 the only trace of the day’s storms was heavy cloud cover.  YAY!

Before long, we were off the boat visiting Ivy & Jackie on Imagine (Little Rock AR).  Such a great couple and a special treat of lamb stew for dinner!  Again…some of our best meals are shared on a boat!

We experienced such powerful and strong weather today – it was a bold reminder of just how incredibly powerful and strong our Creator is and at the same time to offer us peace (not fear) and safety in the eye of the storm.  Thank you Lord.

God Bless!

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