Thursday, April 19, 2018

Steinhatchee FL

Fort of Steinhatchee Pier

After the April “showers” of Sunday the 15th Monday and Tuesday proved to be exactly what we needed…land-based adventure.  Well, adventure in the sense of “hey look, there’s another view of the water!”
Ya' gotta love a pizza place that monitors a marine channel!!
AND has a dinghy dock!!  Fabulous!!

Steinhatchee is a great waterfront community – if you like fishing then it’s a GREAT community!  Sea Hag Marina is more like a resort for fishermen (or women); well-equipped, great ship’s store, bait shop, lodging, laundry and no see’um spray!!!  All essentials for a comfortable stay…did I mention a mega dose of hospitality?  The kindness of everyone we encountered – marina staff, restaurant staff, fellow pedestrians, local fishermen, grocery store employees – were beyond measure with hospitality!! Such a refreshing experience!!
We went looking for the waterfall by dinghy (note the swift current)
 ...only to discover due to local flooding - we were boating OVER the falls!!
As much as we enjoyed our stay I have to admit the planning for arrival and departure was a constant conversation with Charlie and me.  Weather obviously plays an important in our travels and we strive to make the best decisions for safe and comfortable passages.  It must be the time of year because found ourselves in the “lesser of two evils” choice for travel days.  And while the lesser was better – it was by no measure comfortable.
A natural way to lower the blood pressure
We departed Sea Hag Marina at 6:50am Wednesday (4/18/2018) and at 5:10pm we docked at C-Quarters Marina in Carrabelle.  Surviving over 10 hours of waves (1’-2’) on the bow and beam I was more than done with open water crossing.  Don’t forget the “perfect storm” arrival experience we had for two days getting to Steinhatchee…it must be the spring weather pattern.

More on our Carrrabelle FL adventures in the next post!  Until then, keep smiling and moving forward!!

God Bless

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