Monday, April 22, 2019

Back by popular demand...sort of...

Greetings from Belhaven, North Carolina

Yes, it's true - we are 3100 +/- miles into our second loop.  Unplanned, perhaps - but not unexpected!

I have not blogged during the majority of this trip simply because it's the same route, different stops but generally the same old stuff. And quite was starting to feel like a J. O. B. and it seemed as if the same statements were becoming repetitive.  All kinds of fun & sun - and you were grinding it out at work & battling winter weather - made me sound boastful. OR the not-so-fun grueling, high seas, high winds, getting slammed about by the angry Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean or various sounds in the Bahamas voyage would only worry Mama....nobody wants to worry Mama!!!

But starting tomorrow we will embark on a Loop within the Loop!!  The Albemarle Loop!!  Click for a general overview of what to expect and stay tuned for (hopefully) the daily recap as experienced by the crew of The Lower Place!

It's good to be back online AND to share new cruising ground with you.

Stay tuned...

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