Thursday, April 25, 2019

Columbia to Plymouth NC - Day 2

Phanthom by our side on the Albemarle Sound

Underway from Columbia by 8:25AM, beautiful FLAT, CALM waters of the Scuppernong River gave way to very similar waters in the Albemarle Sound. Soon we were turning south onto the Roanoke River.  Other than the expected current any river creates the water remained the same…the wind however, caused us to notice and predict that docking would be “interesting”.  Six miles later the current AND wind were still on the bow and we had to dock perpendicular to the river bank.
The Lower Place docked on the Roanoke River
In true small town, fellow boater hospitality, Lou spotted us from the bank of the river.  We continued on to the town dock, I was on the bow running docking techniques in my brain.  I told Charlie, “That guy is really walking with a purpose, I hope he’s coming to help us.” And that’s how we met Lou! After a couple attempts we (Charlie) was able to “stern in” to the slip while I tossed stern lines to Lou and handled the mid ship tie.  YAY!!
Phanthom docked on the wall
Remember Phanthom?  Well, Herb was behind us watching the show and decided he would “just take the long wall down here”.  So here’s Phantom, 2 blocks away, docked behind the jail!!  We had to register our boats at the Maritime Museum with Leslie. She was completely OK with Herb’s decision – the wind made an already difficult docking (due to river current) situation almost impossible for someone alone on their boat.
The "Herb" garden on Phanthom's back porch

We walked quickly to Stella’s Cafe for lunch since she closes “promptly at 2”. Good food, friendly atmosphere and very reasonable prices, YAY!! Everyone was tired after the 4 hour boring cruise – not that I’m complaining – so a nap was on the to-do list for the guys.

I managed a quite walk around town and realized we were on the cusp of the Battle of Plymouth Living History Weekend! And since it looks like the weather will keep us here a couple days, the next post might just be a little history heavy! But for today – churches, cemeteries, funeral homes! This town has all of them!
Hampton Academy d/b/a Bryan Funeral Service
Plymouth United Methodist Church and Cemetery

And FYI as I type this…there is no wind and it looks like the current has been turned off – imagine that!

Stay tuned!

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