Monday, April 29, 2019

Edenton NC - Days 5 and 6

Sunday 4/28/2019 Crossing Albemarle Sound toward Edenton

Sunday was a very short travel day and we left quite early to avoid the increasing wind forecast (it was spot on).  By the time we arrived in Edenton NC (8:45 am) the clouds were heavy and the winds were blowing!  And in true boater fashion Mark (Miss Adventure) and Denham (Experiment) were there to catch our lines, getting us safely tied.  Then we introduced ourselves – meeting for the first time.  We got settled and I headed into town…a nice town…with 1700 cyclists camping and riding everywhere!!  There was a riding event this weekend and it was so great to see so many people all having fun!  Wonderful first impression!
Tents everywhere - cyclists were in for the weekend
Before long I was walking all over town.  This place has been voted “One of America’s prettiest towns” according to the brochure for the annual Pilgrimage (held 2 weeks ago).  I believe it!  And it’s also place that claims “history lives here”.  They are right on both accounts!!  If you like to walk, this place is not to be missed!!
One of the 20+ plaques. This is #12
There is a self-guided walking tour with over 20 points of interest.  With plaques on display, spoon feeding small bites of history at each stop – my favorite way to learn!! Then I stumbled upon the Historic Edenton Tree Walk trail and I don’t even know how many trees are featured but I can tell you, they are noted in various places!!  Along sidewalks, parks, cemeteries, front lawns – you name it!!

Some of the little-known (or forgotten by me) history about North Carolina is found on one stop of my tour.  Check out the age of these men! 

I really enjoyed finding myself in the Edenton Cotton Mill neighborhood.  Click HERE for more detail of this modern day renovation.

It wasn’t all walking, walking, walking…I did find time to do some laundry while Charlie went to the grocery store – this town offered a courtesy car!!! And then the usual boat chores; cleaning, checking fluids, washing/waxing exterior – it’s a glamorous life!!

I highly recommend a visit to the very friendly town of Edenton NC! The downtown is bustling, the people are super friendly and there is way too much to learn in just one visit. And the walking is FABULOUS!!!!

We will leave on Tuesday morning headed to Elizabeth City marking the end of our Albemarle Loop expedition.  But it’s not over yet so…

Stay tuned!!!
The Penelope Barker House
not in black and white - it was THAT cloudy!

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