Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Elizabeth NC - Days 7 and 8

It's Fog:30  and Phanthom is on the left!
We departed early (6:52 am) Tuesday morning headed to our final stop on the Albemarle Sound Loop – Elizabeth City NC.  We only stopped in 3 towns “on” the loop but Elizabeth City is a gateway stop (coming or going) on the northern shore of the sound.

Once again we were greeted by fellow loopers catching our lines and Greg, the “Rose Buddie”.  A wonderful gesture and fantastic volunteer tradition that continues today because of the kindness of one man making a difference. Click HERE for the full story!
Stop & smell the Roses!! Just off the stern of The Lower Place

Phanthom and The Lower Place found spots to tie up and since there’s no power or water pedestals to worry about securing the boat was the only challenge.  But what a treat to get off the boat and step into town!  It didn’t take long to find the Welcome Center and Museum AND information about several walking tours!  YAY ME!!!!

We met more loopers heading toward Norfolk VA for next weeks’ meeting. And it was so nice to see everyone at the Welcome to the Harbor gathering!  The welcome event is another tradition that continues to bring boaters together – so much fun!!
More Rose Bushes!! The Lower Place on far right.
Wednesday morning brought bright sunny skies and planned excursions to see the historical commercial and residential (walking) tours AND spend some time in the Albemarle Sound Museum…all SOLO!!  I’m not finding much company in my quest for museums, cemeteries, old churches, homes or businesses…and sometimes the solitude is just what is needed!!

Brick lines streets
As we completed the 139 miles of a literal walk, cruise through history, I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey.  Better yet, I hope it has piqued your interest in this part of North Carolina!  Our experience barely scratched the surface of all the activity in history that has created the Albemarle Sound into what it is today.  Granted, the “hay day” of the Sound is gone due to more modern infrastructure but the heritage and pride of the people who remain lives on in a very real fashion.  It’s been a wonderful side trip and we enjoyed cruising in different waters.  Thanks for coming along with us!!

Until next time…GOD BLESS!!!!

The Albemarle Museum is a MUST SEE - reserve at least 2 hours

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