Friday, December 4, 2020

A day in Pensacola FL

Condos along the ICW west of Pensacola FL

On 12/3/2020 we departed Wolfe Bay anchorage at 7:37am.  The weather forecast was not favorable to sunshine, no wind and flat seas.  So with expected sloppy sea conditions we were prepared for UGH!!  The good Lord, as always was shining down on us!!  While Pensacola Bay was choppy with a north wind…we’ve experienced far worse conditions.  Thursday was a good travel day – even without the sunshine!   God is good…all the time.

So if you’ve been living under a rock you may not know the Gulf Coast (including the Florida panhandle) was hammered with multiple storms this past hurricane season. And Pensacola was not excluded from the destruction.  Our hearts were broken when we saw the wide-spread damage, the attempts to recover and unrecognizable landscape.

Boats out of place, everywhere!

Once again, boaters take care of boaters when they can.  Due to the damage and destruction in Pensacola, marinas are basically non-existent.  Efforts to recover are evident but recovery takes time, money and healthy workers. With that in mind we made a few phone calls and a friend of a friend (everybody “knows a guy”) we were safely docked in an unnamed marina. We were very appreciative and the dock master and construction workers were extremely helpful assisting us.  Thanks guys!!!

The predicted rains of Friday came & went early in the day.  Thankfully we were able to rent a car for the day and another boater was kind enough to give me a ride to & from Enterprise – because apparently they no longer “pick you up”.  So with the north wind howling, the rain moved out and Charlie & I were on the road to West Marine (he) and Publix (me). Back to the boat to unload, then off again with Hearken (Bill & Mindy).  Dropping me at the Laundromat they went to Publix!  Back to the boat to unload, then off to Joe Patti’s Seafood (YUM)!! More shopping then back to the boat! (see a pattern here?).  Marina life is BUSY!!

We cheated for dinner…freshly made gumbo, rice & bread (warm & ready to eat)) from Joe Patti’s!  It was delicious and since I missed lunch – it was REALLY delicious!!  Of course, we bought other stuff for future consumption!

Side note:  while I was running around getting errands done, Charlie was busy on the boat – fixed a small water leak & rebuilt a vacuflush pump!  He’s the best!!!  Boat maintenance and repair is critical to comfortable cruising.  I'm so blessed to have a husband with the talent, ability and willingness to keep The Lower Place is top's why we still cruise!  Thanks honey!

Saturday morning will bring an early departure with Hearken as we continue our journey east toward Carrabelle FL.

Stay healthy and God Bless

PS I will try to do better with my picture taking.  I just don't think about snapping a pic when the sky is so gray!!! Sorry!

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  1. We even love the gray day photos and you telling us a little bit about them