Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Hello Carrabelle!

Sunrise 12/7/2020 from White City FL

Monday 12/7/2020 we departed our White City Free Dock at 7:24am EASTERN…so it still felt like o’dark:30 to me. The clouds seemed to be moving out but the weather forecast indicated a Small Craft Advisory for the area, of course.  We have been so blessed with exceptional weather, cool/mild temps and FLAT water that I have absolutely no reason to complain about a simple Small Craft Advisory – except that THIS is the day we need to approach a fuel dock AND then move into a slip at C-Quarters Marina in Carrabelle!!  Oh well…

Apalachicola Bay 
Small Craft Advisory - hmmmm

The day was uneventful but I was getting antsy with the long travel days and no break in getting off the boat.  As we all know, it’s a strange, weird world right now and we are doing everything in our power to stay healthy…that’s means LOTS of time together and minimal person-to-person socializing.  So 
yes, it still beats a day at the office…

Apalachicola, FL 

As we ventured across Apalachicola Bay the Small Craft Advisory became a reality but the worst of the weather was “out front” (aka Gulf of Mexico) and we were protected by St. George Island for the most part.

When we crossed the inlet and turned north on our approach to Carrabelle River we lost that land protection and rocked a little while.  Side note: 5 years ago I would have described this experience as “being hammered” or something similar.  Today’s words “rocked a little while” indicate personal growth, I think! HA HA

Carrabelle River, FL

We were heading into the wind and outgoing tide as we approach the fuel dock at C-Quarters Marina and that was perfect conditions for a starboard tie to top off the fuel tanks (first fill up since Demopolis)!  The Lower Place was thirsty…after traveling 496 miles we took on 238.3 gallons – our largest fill-up yet!

The Lower Place in the "slip".
Note the finger pier-our off/on point!

Once we were safely tied in our slip at 12:40 pm, I was off the boat!!!  Carrabelle is a great “old Florida” town.  It’s been battered and bruised over the years with hurricanes and storms but I can still get everything I need on foot!  I headed to the post office, then turned around and made my way to the Carrabelle IGA grocery store.  Back to the boat to see other boaters coming in and discussing the great looking weather window for our Gulf crossing on Thursday!  It was so good to see and talk to other people from a safe distance…we’re all in this together!

I slept like a baby Monday night – just knowing that Tuesday would be land based was comforting!

Tuesday 12/8/2020

I walked all over this little town!  And I was tickled to have walking companions Mandy & Darlene!!  The wind was still brisk and long sleeves were appreciated but our feet were moving on solid ground – yay!  And of course, a visit to the Laundromat…’cause that’s my comfort level!

World's Smallest Police Station

Some things will never change and this was good to see!

Sunset 12/8/2020 Carrabelle River FL

And the sunsets NEVER get old – this shot was taken from our aft deck overlooking the Carrabelle River at marker G15.

Stay healthy and God Bless

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  1. Making me jealous just reading your comments and the beautiful photos