Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Lunch at Lulu's


Frost on the dock at Turner Marine 12/2/2020

Brrrrr…..STILL cold in Mobile AL.  We departed Turner Marine Wednesday (12/2/2020) at 8:27am.  It was almost low tide so churning up mud was expected.  We waited in deeper water for Hearken to depart and said “see ya later” to Mona Gee – they will catch up in a week or so.

It's sunny, I'm on a boat, I'm wearing sandals!!

We were bundled up with all the canvas and isinglass fastened and the sun was shining.  Soon the greenhouse effect would take place, yay!!  We planned for a short cruising day – cross Mobile Bay, jump on the ICW, stop at Lulu’s in Gulf Shores for lunch then anchor before sunset.  That’s quite the checklist! And that’s exactly what we did!!

Docked at Lulu’s for a lunch break from 12:37 to 2:07pm.
Merry Christmas from Lulu's!!

I know it’s December and it’s Wednesday and it’s stinkin’ COLD – but this is the saddest sight…Lulu’s without people!! We enjoyed lunch inside the porch and at a separate table from Hearken…it was nice to walk around the property.

Hearken docked behind us at Lulu's

Back to cruising east on the ICW passing by Tacky Jack’s, The Wharf and a left turn into Wolfe Bay.  We dropped the anchor at 3:15pm.  It’s still windy and sunny but the night will be calm and relaxing.

Tacky Jack's - no people here

The Wharf - if you were'd still be cold!

Wolfe Bay anchorage 12/2/2020

Sunset on Wolfe Bay 12/2/2020

Stay healthy and God Bless

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