Tuesday, December 1, 2020

November 2020 - Here we go!

Guess whoooo??

Yes, that’s right…we’re back on the water and by popular demand I will do my best to update the blog on a regular basis.  This is 2020…and who knows if I will follow through!  It’s already taken me over 2 weeks to post the first entry! So in the interest of getting right to the details….


Sunrise top of the TN Tom 11/12/2020

November 12, 2020         6:42am – Depart Safe Harbor Aqua Yacht, Iuka MS

                                         5:50pm – Anchor north side of Wilkins Lock, Smithville MS (DARK, no wind)

November 13, 2020         6:20am – Depart anchorage, almost daylight, no wind, mild temps

                                         12:19pm – Arrive Columbus Marina, Columbus MS (beautiful weather and not dark)


For the next 10 days we stayed docked at Columbus Marina.  We sadly said our final earthly good-bye to my mother-in-law and spent time with family and friends – socially distancing, of course.  It’s such a weird world we live in these days.  With mixed emotions we departed Columbus Marina heading south, abiding by pandemic restrictions and wondering just how this adventure will differ from our other journeys.


Columbus Lock 11/24/20

November 24, 2020         6:40am – Depart Columbus Marina, Columbus MS

                                         3:54pm – Anchor Windham Landing with Stray Cat. We met Shane & Beth at Tom Bevil Lock while waiting for tow traffic to clear.  Great cruising day with mild temps and lots of sunshine!!

Stray Cat anchored Windham Landing 11/24/2020


What a difference a day makes!  Sunrise 11/25/2020 from the same location! Stray Cat is heading out!


November 25, 2020         11:12am – Depart anchorage after storm passes

                                         1:55 pm – Anchor Tombigbee Oxbow. Short day with dicey weather.   Enjoyed Thanksgiving meal on board (a day early).

Limestone Cliffs and flat, reflective water - it never gets old!

November 26, 2020         6:44am – Depart Anchorage

                                        12:12pm – Arrive Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis AL  Heavy cloud cover and forecast storms for the next day.

November 27, 2020         A day at the marina…laundry, fill fresh water tanks, quick trip to Post Office, Wal-Mart & Marvin’s, top off fuel tanks. Mid afternoon torrential storms and VERY thankful to be safely tied (with 8 lines) to a floating dock!  Boating life is glamorous!!

November 28, 2020         5:50am – Depart Kingfisher Bay BEFORE daybreak to lock through before tow traffic with Mona Gee and Hearken.

                                         2:14pm – Anchor Bashi Creek, AL  Mona Gee and Hearken raft to us. Heavy clouds & rain forecast but didn’t really happen.

November 29, 2020         7:15am – Depart anchorage, heavy clouds & light rain, then not-so-light rain, then really heavy rain throughout the day.  RAINED ALL DAY!!!

                                         3:07pm – Anchor Sunflower East (along the river but outside the channel).  Everything is wet but Mona Gee, Hearken and The Lower Place are safely anchored!! Cold front moving in! Wind picking up.

Cold Front moving in 11/30/2020

November 30, 2020         6:28am – Depart anchorage. SOOOOO cold & windy, 47° on the fly bridge (upper helm), heavy clouds.

                                           2:23pm – Anchor Briar Creek (12.1 miles north of Mobile Bay) with Mona Gee and Hearken.  FINALLY saw some sunshine today, wind advisory, freeze warning and high temp of 52°! Forecast low is 27°…hence, the freeze warning.

So, this sums up November 2020…and travel, anchoring & marina life has a very different feel.  We have fast-tracked our way to Mobile.  This should be an interesting journey to Stock Island, FL.

Stay healthy and God Bless!


  1. Thank You for keeping us updated! Have fun, be safe and healthy 💜

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your magical journey