Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday was Bay Day


Sunrise Choctawhatchee Bay 12/6/2020

After a calm, restful night in Choctawhatchee Bay, the anchor was pulled and we were underway by 7:20am along with Hearken.  A little later start than usual but it was nice to see the sunrise while not underway – ha, ha…

Sailboat ashore but secured

This particular stretch of the Florida Panhandle has been hammered with hurricanes and unnamed storms for several years.  The progress of rebuilding and recovery is evident.  We have such great memories of our various stops over the years but this year is different.  The travel goal was to reach the White City Florida public boat dock today – before dark, of course. So with 71 miles ahead of us and the expected tidal current against us for at least part of the day and the time zone change…there was no time to stop and smell the roses.

It's Sunday but this crew continues to deliver materials

ICW connects Choctawhatchee to West Bay (Grand Lagoon)

West Bay (Grand Lagoon) feeds into St. Andrews Bay

St. Andrews Bay peels into East Bay

East Bay brings back the ICW

It was nearing dark, starting to rain a little & we had to be a little creative with tying the boat no pics of a sunset (or the boat).   But as you can see the water was like glass even when the clouds rolled in.  We have been so bless with beautiful cruising weather.  As tomorrow dawns we will slip off the lines from the free dock and hopefully reach C Quarters Marina in Carrabelle FL.

Stay healthy and God Bless

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