Saturday, December 12, 2020

Tarpon Springs FL—Hip, Hip Hooray!!!

Merry Christmas from Tarpon Springs

Without a doubt Tarpon Springs is our FAVORITE landing spot on the west coast of Florida!  Maybe it’s the authentic Greek food, Greek atmosphere, mild weather, manatees, warm water OR the fact that it takes us 20 hours to get here and we’re just so stinkin’ happy to get tied up to a dock and kill the engines!  Hmmm….maybe that last reason is our first reason.  Regardless, here we are and we are happy!!


Gulf of Mexico - next stop Tarpon Springs FL

The crossing from Carrabelle to Tarpon Springs was uneventful even if the weather was a “little more” than forecast.  Instead of “glass like” water it was more like “shattered or broken glass” water.  The wind never really died down and the waves maintained 1’ – 2’ height but it was all on the bow so for our tolerance level* it was successful.

 *Our tolerance level:

1.            Bedside lamps don’t turn over

2.            Furniture in salon stays in place

3.            Robin doesn’t puke

Hearken following close behind

We departed Carrabelle at 2:43 pm on 12/10/2020 with Hearken, Blondie, Serenity and Ladyhawke.  We all met at Carrabelle and being of like boat design and speed decided crossing as a small group was perfect!  The other factor was The Lower Place is a “veteran crosser” and for some reason the rookies found comfort in that – bless ‘em!!  LOL!!!

Sunset 12/10/2020 offshore in the Gulf

Early Saturday morning we reached R4 (the magical arrival point) Ladyhawke peeled off and continued south to anchor at Honeymoon Island – adding a few more hours to their journey.  Blondie and Serenity turned toward Turtle Cove Marina off the Anclote River.  Hearken and The Lower Place continued upstream to the Tarpon Springs City Marina.  This is our first experience at the city docks – we are steps away from the action of the sponge docks but I actually prefer Turtle Cove for a variety of reasons.  However, we are only here until Sunday morning so for a short “recovery” stay in Tarpon…the city dock is acceptable.


The Lower Place tied up at the City Dock, Tarpon Springs FL

By 11:18 am on 12/11/2020 we were tied up to a very small floating dock and the engines were turned off!!!  Ahhhh, we arrived, we survived and we felt great (taking 2 hour shifts away from the helm really paid off)!!!  But all things being equal, we still ate a small snack, showered and napped until mid afternoon…refreshing!!!


So empty...

Because this stay is brief we had one “must do” item on the list…dinner at Costas!!! Walking through town was so strange…normally this place is bustling with people it was Friday afternoon at 4:00 and it felt like a ghost town.  Again, it’s a different world.


Beautiful decorations 

Saturday morning I took a solo walk to Walgreen’s and nearly melting before I returned!  It’s warm and time for shorts!  Finally!!!!  After a few boat chores and an easy lunch (leftovers from Costa’s) Charlie & I ventured out on foot to see town.  We walked and walked and walked…much needed after the marathon journey across the panhandle and all the anchoring stops.  And what’s better than walking through town, looking at Christmas decorations, wearing shorts??


Don't forget to write your letter!!

Sunday morning we will depart our beloved Tarpon Springs, cruise down the Anclote River back to the ICW and head south toward Clearwater or points beyond…who knows….it’s not Sunday morning yet!!


Stay healthy and God Bless

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