Friday, January 22, 2021

Happy Friday the 22nd!

Sunset Marathon Marina 1/19/2021

It’s been a full week of walking, running, swimming, cleaning, cooking and laughter with friends…so about normal for life in the Keys!

Tuesday 1/19/2021

Charlie & I were on foot and land most of the day.  It was nice to explore some familiar sights and a few new pieces of art.

Landmarks are better than billboards

We stopped for a late lunch at Porky’s Bayside and enjoyed the view too!

Wednesday 1/20/2021

While Tuesday was a walking day, Wednesday was a boat day. I walked through, in and around the boat with a pen & paper looking at each detail and noting where the little things needed attention.  And I didn’t take a single picture!  I did discover a section of canvas in need of zipper repair.  A couple miles later I found The Canvas Shop open and willing to do the work.  I dropped off the pieces and Mike said he’d call me the next day.

Late afternoon we met Looper friends (Priorities, Forever Young and the Bles-sing) at Castaway’s for a light snack then the group walked around the corner to Burdines Waterfront!!  Coffee and Fried Key Lime Pie for dessert…who knew!!! And while at Burdines Waterfront Mike from The Canvas Shop called – repair completed!!  Since it was dark, I promised to pick it up on Thursday.

Thursday 1/21/2021

Sunset 1/21/2021 Marathon FL-never gets old

Morning started with laundry and ended with a walk to The Canvas Shop!  I picked up the canvas – repaired expertly and super cost effective – and returned to the boat.  Once the pieces were snapped & zipped back into place, I zipped through the boat for an impromptu cleaning.  Charlie mentioned we might have some visitors - friends we haven’t met yet!!  YAY! Great meeting Irving & Sarah from Vermont!

We had a quiet evening onboard and it felt good to cook a nice meal and not have to walk or dinghy back to the boat…bug free!

Friday 1/22/2021

If you haven't been here - go!

Today is a special day for a special girl!!  Happy 6th Birthday CARG!!!  We love you!!  It’s a beautiful day in Marathon and the pool is calling!  Wish you were here sweet girl!  

Hope you have a super weekend!

Stay healthy and God Bless

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