Sunday, January 24, 2021

Wow, What a weekend!!


Friday afternoon at the pool...

If you’re reading this…at your office or while wearing long sleeves or if you can see your breath outside or perhaps the frost still on your windows…I’m sorry.  Because we have lathered on the sunscreen this weekend!!

Saturday morning brought flat water, no/low winds and absolutely nothing on the repair/replace to do list!  So we hopped in the dinghy and puttered the 5 miles to Sombrero Reef to do a little snorkeling and sightseeing.  Upon our arrival we grabbed a mooring ball then heard “Hey, can we have that ball please?  You are welcome to tie up to our stern.”  Of course we obliged because let’s face it the mooring ball was a little overkill for our dinghy.  And they were great folks from South Carolina!

We made friends with the big boat-note the tower in the background

Once we were settled and I tested the water (brrrr 65°) I decided, the sun felt great but a hard NO on the body parts being submerged!!  Charlie of course never takes a pass on snorkeling…and once he was IN the water his body adjusted.  I was on shark patrol, thank you!  After an hour or so, we thanked them for their fabulous hospitality, untied our dinghy & headed back to the marina.  Five miles is a long journey in a 10’ inflatable boat – but it was a great afternoon.

Yes, center pic is Charlie in the Atlantic

Now he's closer-pic from dinghy

All kinds of fish! Pic taken from above the water!

We stopped by our boat for a minute then back in the dinghy for a late afternoon cruise around Boot Key Harbor.  We saw Irving and Sarah on their dinghy and visited with them for a while.  When the sun started dropping we headed back to our boats.  Just as the sun dipped below the horizon we arrived at The Lower Place.  We were salty, sun tanned and happy to have such a great day.  Soup & sandwiches for dinner onboard…YUM!!

Sunday morning (while doing laundry)

Sunday brought a repeat of the same weather and perhaps a tad warmer! A quick load of laundry (yesterday’s salty clothes) and several phone calls later we were out and about in the marina.  LOTS of loopers (Post Script, Salty, Alcyone) we haven’t met before and then a dinghy reunion tied to our swim platform (Forever Young, Short Vacation & Sunset Delight)!!!  It was a boaters’ version of the old time Sunday afternoon visits we used to do…back in the day!!  It was a wonderful way to spend the day…but it was HOT!  I failed to get a picture of the tie up but it warmed my heart as the sweat rolled down my face…love this crazy chosen family!!

Plans for a sunset viewing party on the fuel dock were postponed but I had the best seat on the back of our boat.  We had popcorn for dinner so I munched on my bowl of the sweet tender kernels as I just sat quietly…drinking in the majestic glory of the changing horizon. There is no better artist than the creator of the heavens and earth, thank you Lord!  Your greatness continues to take my breath away…I am blessed.

Stay healthy and God Bless (continue scrolling for pics)

6:02pm beginning Sunset 1/24/2021

6:25pm The day is done...almost

6:28pm I just can't pick a favorite

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