Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Wind, Small Craft Advisory, Gale Warning - YIKES!


Greetings from Porky's Bayside

What a difference a day makes!  Since the last post our weather has turned very WINDY!!  We are so very thankful to be tied safely in a slip at Marathon Marina – using most of our dock lines and all of the fenders!!  But wind is weather…it will change; until then we are hanging out close to the boat in order to monitor the rise/fall of the tide coupled with the moon phase.  It’s life on a boat!


Great food & amazing parking lot artwork

So this post will be more of a story in pictures…


Sunset 1/31/2021 - the cold front looms

Monday 2/1/2021 Gale Warning in effect


Tuesday 2/2/2021 Our MSU flag weathered and shredded but the sun is shining!

We are still under a Small Craft Advisory but if the weather forecast holds true better hair days are ahead.  Embrace today, anticipate tomorrow and smile...God has a plan!

Stay healthy and God bless

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  1. Hang in there. It's going to get better soon. Have a great time down there. Great to hear that all is still well with ya. Hugs