Saturday, March 6, 2021


Sunset March 4, 2021 Final scene from The Lower Place

As of Thursday, March 4, 2021 The Lower Place has new owners!  I know it’s a shock to some (including me) but we are at peace with the sale.  It helps to know she’s in the hands of great owners with a lifetime of boat knowledge.

In late December we briefly discussed selling The Lower Place based on the idea that we’d really like to continue boating – but in a more trailerable fashion.  So many places (western Erie Canal, downtown Chicago) we’d like to cruise but required a shorter air draft OR the upper Mississippi River (beautiful area) that we just didn’t want to fight the swift current to get there.

We’ve completed 2 Great Loops, multiple side trips and 6 years & 17,000+/- miles later she becomes another couples dream.  The boat is ready for another Great Loop, she will take great care of them.  We will go home for a while, research our next boat, enjoy Pickwick Lake, our pontoon boat, our dirt home and most importantly our family and friends.  Until the next boat purchase…we will join the “sold-the-boat-and-looking-for-another” support group that seems to be growing. HA HA!!

Thank you for riding along with us on The Lower Place we have enjoyed the journey and your company.

Stay healthy and God bless

Who wants to help unload the van? How did the boat float?!

Monday, March 1, 2021

Sunset Valentine's Day Marathon Marina

Still Afloat!!

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post…sun, fun, wash, rinse, and repeat!!  What more can I say!?  However, we have travelled – so there’s that.  Our reservations in Marathon expired on Feb 27th but in true McVey fashion and being the weather hounds that we are…the weather was EXCELLENT Feb 24-26 to make a run from Marathon the Fort Myers!!! So we did!!  Our original plans secured a slip in Fort Myers Yacht Basin upon arrival…and the slip was available…but the pier was too short and we were not able to get off the boat!!  Crazy!!

It took about an hour of phone calls on a Friday (2/26/2021) afternoon before The Marina at Edison Ford confirmed we could come in “but we might have to move you around”.  We completely understood (weekend, spring break and no reservation) but at least we could get off the boat!  So we untied and left the Yacht Basin.  YAY!!  And bonus…several Loopers were there – Doug Out, Gypsies Palace, One Eye Dog, Wicked Cool, Jo Ca – it was like a family reunion!!

I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Sara, Irving, Charlie, Shelly & Scott-Sunset Grille 2/16/2021

7 Mile Bridge at sunset - Road trip with Irving & Sara 

Final sunset from our dock in Marathon 2/23/2021

Dropped the anchor 2/24/2021 in Little Shark River - fabulous!

but the water looks GREEN while underway!
A spectacular commute from Little Shark River to Marco Island on 2/25/2021

The MOON setting over Marco Island 2/26/2021 at 5:47am

A sailboat enjoying the day as we approach Naples FL

Sunset 2/26/2021 Caloosahatchee River, Ft. Myers FL 

A surprise visit on 2/27/2021 from Stay Strong (2 couples from our second loop) - they were kind enough to get our picture from way across the marina!  The Lower Place on the right and Gypsies Palace on the left - it was windy!
The Marina at Edison Ford, Ft. Myers FL

The final sunset of February 2021 Edison Ford Marina, Caloosahatchee River

And that my friends is a broad recap of the past 2 weeks.  The trip from Marathon to Ft. Myers was certainly memorable and the good Lord blessed us with perfect weather.  We are so happy to be in Ft. Myers.  Stay tuned for more adventures and pictures!!!

Stay healthy and God bless