Sunday, December 26, 2021


What’s that about “never say never” (although I don’t remember saying “never”)??

After selling our Jefferson in March 2021, it didn’t take long to realize we are not small boat folks!  So by May 2021 we purchased a 1991 Carver 4207…same length as the Jefferson, wider by one foot and newer by 5 years.  We spent the remainder of the year making some improvements, running around Pickwick Lake and a shake-down cruise to Nashville in August!!  Fun, fun, fun!!!!

 Charlie promised we would be home for the holidays this year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and given all the world has tossed in our direction we were both thankful to be home.  But Christmas is over, our marina lease is about to expire and it’s time to get moving again. YAY!!!!

 Yes, we will miss our great big family (genetic, marina, yoga, etc.) but home will be here when we return…yet to be determined.

 Tomorrow (Monday, December 27, 2021) we are shoving off at precisely “fog:30”!!!! We will head south on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (TN-Tom) and in 7-10 days should be in Mobile AL.  Weather, 11 locks and fun stuff to do will determine how long that takes.

 I will try to update the blog weekly, at least.  Since we have travelled this route at least a half a dozen times, sometimes I feel like a broken record and you (readers) may yawn & roll your eyes.  I’ll try not to bore you - much.

 Also, I’m not sure how to update the banner on the page, so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.  I think BlogSpot might have morphed into Blogger and this old dog has been too busy for new tricks lately.  I will try to sit still long enough to make an effort.

Stay healthy and God Bless!!