Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Hello from Carrabelle FLORIDA!

We finally made our way across Mobile Bay, the Alabama Gulf Coast and the majority of Florida's Panhandle.  YAY!!!  And we are still chasing warmer temps, looking for sunshine but enjoying the company of good friends, good food and LOTS of laughter!!  But the 4 layers of clothing every day is getting a little tiresome...I know, stop complaining...I could be scraping ice off my windshield & sliding my way to work...but I'm not!!

This will NOT be an itemized daily (aka BORING) synopsis of our travels…it was tedious and boring for me to write.  And now that we’re in the land of WIFI on the FL panhandle you will be thrill to know this post is a narration of photos!!  YAY!!!  Full Disclosure…it was soooo cold coming down the river & across the bays that some days I didn’t take any photos!!  BRRRRR!!!!


The Lower Place & Crew docked in Carrabelle FL 1/11/2022

12/30/2021 departure day from Columbus MS...delayed by fog

12/31/2021 Lucy Enuff Cruising behind us.  The White Cliffs of Epps AL

1/3/2022...yep, wind chill of 22 & yes, we left at 9:05AM words... 

1/4/2022 Anchored in 3 Rivers with Lucky Enuff & Copacetic

1/5/2022  Mobile Bay AL Convention Center

1/6/2022 Crossing Mobile skies ahead

1/7/2022 Passing through Pensacola...I miss my friend!!!

1/7/2022 Sunset in Destin FL Harbor while at anchor

1/9/2022 Dinner with my witness protection family in Apalachicola FL one is looking at me...

1/9/2022 Shrimp Boats headed out to work

1/11/2022  Arrive Carrabelle FL!!!!

I reduced the narrative for this post primarily because I was taking advantage of the fast WIFI while doing laundry.  And I didn't feel like thinking very hard.  What can I's a tough life.

Stay warm, stay healthy & God bless!!!

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