Monday, February 7, 2022

Greetings from Bradenton FL


The Lower Place docked in Bradenton FL

YES….we are still on the boat…in Florida!!  I know it’s been a WHILE since my last post – we are healthy, happy and full of fun in the sun!!  So let’s get to it…

Charlie & Mike on the observation tower in Bradenton FL 1/26/2022

We left Clearwater beach on January 18th and docked at Safe Harbor Pier 77 Marina in Bradenton FL with a 30 day slip rental…yippee!!  The next day we picked up a rental car for the month.  In addition, we’ve hosted 3 sets of friends to stay overnight at different times of course!!  AND with the luxury of a vehicle we have enjoyed weekend visits with the favorite granddaughter (& her parents), weekday visits with my Uncle& Aunt wintering in the middle of the state and the sights and sounds of Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Cape Coral, Ft. Myers and surrounding areas.  I don’t know how we get it all done…

Your room is ready...yes, YOU!

While here at Pier 77 we have met new Gold Loopers, visited with friends from Loop #1 in Siesta Key who arrived by vehicle and were welcomed at the dock by our buddy Jim from Loop #2.  And yesterday (Sunday the 6th) we had the honor of visiting with our dear friend Herb – travelling buddy from Loops 1 AND 2!!!  This afternoon (the 7th) I am working on the business side of things…updating the blog, making arrangements for our upcoming time in Ft. Myers, scheduling a hair appointment….you know, critical stuff.

Tracking down loopers in Siesta Key 2/2/2022

So wherever you are and whatever you do, please know that the sun is still shining, the wind is still blowing and The Lower Place is still floating!!  We are enjoying our time in Bradenton and always recognize how blessed we are to share this adventure.

Sunset at Siesta Key 2/2/2022

Stay healthy and God bless

 I was honored to meet "my first friend in Florida"
Wouldn't change a thing...

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