Monday, March 28, 2022

Well…that didn’t take long…

Precious Cargo in Ft. Myers FL!!!

Apparently, the “go button” on blog posts is to MOVE THE BOAT!  And that’s exactly what we’ve done.  The weather & tide were in our favor during the late morning hours on Sunday 3/27/2022. So by 11:30am we were underway heading EAST from Ft Myers FL on the Caloosahatchee River.  I was thrilled to be moving because let’s face it “sitting” on a boat isn’t why we own a boat…it’s about the adventure and journey!!

Passing under I-75 heading EAST!

Since we left later in the morning we knew a short day was a good beginning to a great cruising day.  We docked in LaBelle FL (free city docks with power and water) around 3:30pm.  Normally, once we get settled, we hop off the boat to explore, visit or stretch our legs.  However, there was 1 other sailboat docked and he was busy with boat projects, we toured the town 6 years ago on our last trip through and it was Sunday so most of the favorite stops were closed.  We stayed onboard, enjoying the different sounds of the bridge and lack of urban hubbub, studying the next leg of adventure and looking forward to the Okeechobee Waterway.  It was a nice change from the past 2 months of family, friends and downtown fun…but we sure miss all of them!!!

Docked in LaBelle FL 3/27/2022

After a peaceful night’s sleep we were up and underway by 8:20am, clearing 2 locks and arriving at Roland Martin Marin around 1:30pm.  This is our first visit at Roland Martin’s place – we usually anchor!  It’s a tight squeeze and we will have to back down the canal to spin in the basin tomorrow but low/no wind is forecast and the boats behind us are leaving as well…”shouldn’t be a problem”!!

Docked in Clewiston FL @ Roland Martin Marina 3/28/2022

We are ready for more looper company this evening and looking forward to exploring more of the Okeechobee Waterway.  We really are River People!!  Until next time…

Our morning commute on 3/28/2022

Stay healthy and God bless

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Fort Myers FL…like going home!!

The Lower Place with new bottom paint!!

Yes, it’s been a minute since the last post.  And time is ticking by at warped speed so we have to enjoy every minute – sitting still to blog kinda takes a back seat, sorry!

So, The Lower Place has new bottom paint, was finished 2 days early and we’ve been docked at Fort Myers Yacht Basin since February 23rd!!  Since then, I went home for a little while to take care of a few things – including income tax obligations, a fantastic visit with family and a drive-by visit to our actual house.  Upon my return (800+ miles-one way) we have had a full social calendar!!  Dinner with At Ease, lunch with Stay Strong, multi-day company with Columbus MS friends, dinner on board DunRunnin, St. Patrick’s party at Patriot, looper gatherings on Tropical Horizons II and The Lower Place and random spur-of-the-moment overnight company!!  And oh my goodness the VERY BEST company (sorry looper family) has been the weekend visits with our kids and grands!!!!  It doesn’t get any better than walking along the water with the wide-eyed wonderment of a 7 year old!!  Be still my heart!!

The view from our bow

Our original plan was to stay a month…but the wind was really blowing and we were still undecided which way to turn – so another week was granted!!  Therefore, March 28th is our NEW departure date AND I think we have a strong decision on the table (subject to change, of course). 

The Okeechobee waterway is scheduled to open by April 1.  This waterway will allow us to arrive on the east coast of FL without the drama (high boat traffic, low water level) of the SW/SE tip of FL…Florida Keys, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale. Once we get to the Stuart FL area we will turn NORTH!!! New Bern NC is our new destination in a 30 day time frame – unless the weather allows us to make it to Norfolk VA by late April/very early May.  Taking our time to see a few things we skipped over the last 2 times we travelled this side of the country will be a refreshing change of pace.

The beautiful blooms of winter/spring in SW FL

Because of our unique time frame we are also considering leaving the boat “somewhere on the east coast” and going home for a summer of fun on Pickwick Lake for 2-3 months.  This is a very exciting concept since we have a few commitments in the general southeast area of the country over the next 5-6 months.  This might be the best idea we’ve had…and it might change, because that’s how life happens!!

Just a few friends onboard The Lower Place

In general, we’ve had a BLAST in Fort Myers, LOVED seeing friends and family and brand new loopers. And for all that Fort Myers has to offer – we are also looking forward to another journey across the Okeechobee Waterway!!  The journey continues!!  No promise on when the next update will post but I really will try harder…seriously!

Stay healthy and God bless