Monday, April 4, 2022

Happy April!

3/29/2022 Sunshine over Lake Okeechobee

Well, it’s been a minute since my last post from Roland Martin Marina on the Okeechobee Waterway.  We haven’t travelled far but we have been dodging weather and staying safe!!  So that’s a good thing!

On March 29th we departed Roland Martin Marina and bid our farewells (or “See ya later”) to our dear friends Ben & Chantale (formerly At Ease). It was so nice to have them there as we navigated the “back down the channel (between the rock shore & other boats) then spin in the basin”!!!  Thank goodness there was no wind, no current and no tide!  We looked like pros!!  THANKS BEN & CHANTALE for the pics – proof that coffee matters!!

3/29/2022 departing Roland Martin Marina
we're BACKING down the channel!

We crossed Lake Okeechobee in a couple hours + and were officially in “East Florida waters” once again.  The weather forecast was predicting a “significant wind event” so we started looking for a protected (from the SE winds) anchorage for the next few days.  It wasn’t long before San Souci (Steve & Libby) called saying they were headed towards us!!  YAY!!  They found a great anchorage AND a Benihana Japanese Restaurant within dinghy distance.  Even better info…they ate at this restaurant over 40 years ago as newlyweds!!  We were so excited to dinghy to shore & share a great meal with them…their company was even better!!

Anchored with San Souci at Sewall''s Point

The next morning San Souci pulled anchor and headed toward the protected waters of the Okeechobee Waterway.  We pulled anchor to move closer to shore and let out over 150’ of anchor rode…high winds were on the way!!  We stayed anchored at Sewall’s Point – on the NW side of the A1A Bridge over the St.Lucie River – with very little waves!  The wind was great as it kept the temps low – we stayed until Friday April 1st – no foolin’!!!

3/29/2022 Sunset at Sewall's Point anchorage

Friday morning, it was time to fire up the motors and get moving!  At 7:47am we were underway  first heading south out of the St. Lucie River then a hard turn to port (left) put us in the Atlantic ICW heading north…Norfolk, here we come…in a month!!  While the winds were calm the clouds were full, so our peaceful cruising day was spent watching the sky…and the rains came!  Fresh water boat rinse was nice, ZERO visibility off and on for an hour….not so nice.  But our electronics can be our eyes for a little while, we know how to read RADAR and there was very little boat traffic (imagine that?).  The downpour ended and we were fortunate to dock without rain at Sebastian River Marina and Boat Yard around 2:15pm.

Friday 4/1/2022 - fresh water rinse!!

Charlie discovered a hose with a small oil leak, we know a very good mechanic in the area and he suggested we dock at Sebastian so he could stop by the boat on his way home Friday afternoon!!  What a wonderful guy…we met him on our first loop in March 2017…his knowledge and customer service still rank at the top in our opinion!!  His assessment was about what we expected – he could fix it BUT the engines needed to be COOL!!  Fortunately the marina slip was available for the weekend and Zack came back on Monday to correct the issue…AFTER the motors cooled!!   The weekend forecast was not boater friendly so everything worked out for the best.

3/31/2022 When the stove top becomes a workbench -
at anchor a kitchen towels is multi-purpose

Sebastian/Micco area is a very friendly 55+area.  There’s not much locally to the marina but I have enjoyed the 1 mile walk to Winn Dixie and Family Dollar along US Hwy 1!!  There are several locally owned cafes and “watering holes” filled with locals, snowbirds and out of towners (like us) and we have been greeted with friendly faces and warm smiles.  It’s our kind of spot and we are thankful to be here.

Sunday morning 4/3/2022 view from our bow

4/2/2022 The Lower Place tucked in for the weekend
Sebastian River Marina, Micco, FL

As I post this, it is Monday April 4th and unless something unexpected happens, we should depart Tuesday morning continuing our trek north.  It’s time to make tracks to Norfolk as we have the Spring Rendezvous in early May!!  The clock is ticking and somehow I feel like we will be in “delivery mode” while respecting the spring weather sweeping across the country.  Until next time…

Stay healthy and God bless

Great Place - Super Folks

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