Saturday, April 16, 2022

Hello North Carolina!


Southport NC is my kinda place!!!!

Just a quick update of our fabulous stop in Southport NC!! AND we spent TWO nights in the same place AGAIN!!

We left Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach SC at 7:15 am on Friday 4/15/2022 and headed to Southport NORTH CAROLINA!!  Wahoooo…this is our THIRD time cruising through this are and the FIRST time we’ve stopped in Southport!!  The day was windy and overcast and tide was against us most of the way but we safely docked by 3:00ish on Good Friday.


4/15/2022 view from our dinner table at The Provision Co.

It wasn’t long before we headed over to see our friends Robert and Kay (C-Life)…they have the best porch ever!!  There were several other loopers there (Magic and Taylor’d for 2) and before long the 8 of us were walking along the water headed to dinner at The Provision Co.  Life is good!

Saturday morning 4/6/2022 there was NOTHING on the agenda and we were staying docked because the weather forecast indicated heavy rains headed our way.  So I cleaned the boat, washed clothes, walked into town, found my way back to The Provision Co to meet Charlie, Chris and Lisa.  Then Lisa and I walked back to downtown for some more retail therapy.  Rain???  Maybe 5 minutes of sprinkles…but a perfect day to spend on foot!!


Because every town should have a Christmas shop open year 'round
Love this quaint town!

Before long Charlie had the idea to head back to Robert and Kay’s front porch with "snacks"…they weren’t home but we piled up anyway.  In addition, Lisa & I went back to our boats for plates, paper towels, additional water and drinks, trash bag – the usual stuff one might need when you invade someone’s porch with 5 lbs of steamed shrimp and boiled corn - you know, snacks!!!!  Also, while Lisa was at her boat Mountain Mermaid pulled in – they were invited too.  AND when Charlie and Chris arrived with the food, Escape II was with them!! SEVEN boaters hanging out on C-Life’s porch and before long Robert and Kay came home!!  A good time was had by all!!  Of course, I didn’t take any pictures of their home or the people I’ve mentioned (ding, dong)!!!!  But here's the view from my chair as we all enjoyed the fellowship that happens when good friends have great hearts!!!

Sitting on a porch in Southport NC - this is my view!

Easter Sunday morning we will be heading out early…like before Sunrise Service early!!!  It feels strange not spending this day in worship and with family – that’s a big negative about how we travel.  We will be travelling to a protected anchorage awaiting the next rain event…at least that’s what is forecast.  Stay tuned…


Stay healthy and God bless

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