Thursday, April 14, 2022

Last stop in South Carolina!


Osprey Marina, Myrtle Beach SC

So if you read the last post I mentioned the phrase “delivery mode”…and NO DOUBT – that was no lie!!

Here’s a quick recap:

Dolphins playing in our wake 4/5/2022

Tuesday 4/5/2022 we departed Sebastian River Marina at 7:40 am and anchored at Gail’s Way anchorage at 3:07pm. A routine engine room check revealed a few drops of oil.  Grrrrr…..

Merritt Island FL Cape Crossing Marina 4/6/2022

Wednesday 4/6/2022 multiple phone calls to Zack (mechanic) and trying to arrange a marina meeting point ultimately led us to backtrack 3 miles to the barge canal at Cape Canaveral. We docked at Cape Crossing Marina by 11:12am. I won’t give all the details of docking, mechanic, marina, etc. However, Zach followed through with his top-notch customer service and attention to detail.  He sent a well-qualified associate to correct the issue (not related to the recent repair)!   The Harbormaster at Cape Crossing was more than congenial and so accommodating – instead of a “day only” spot we were permitted to spend the night …and use the laundry facilities!!  WIN WIN!!!

Thursday 4/7/2022 off the dock by 7:36 and underway…time to make tracks north and get out of Florida!! Our intention was to anchor as much as possible allowing us to travel longer, easier to get going in the mornings and FREE!!!! Well, the tides in NE Florida can create some very shallow areas and the short story of this day is…we docked in Palm Coast Marina at 5:40pm.  Sometimes a marina is well worth the peace of mind knowing you won’t find ground with your boat!  Nice stop….bonus, we saw Gold Loopers, a newly minted Gold Looper and several in progress loopers docked!!  Great visit after a long day!

4/8/2022 Sunset at Sisters Creek, St. Augustine FL

Friday 4/8/2022 departed Palm Coast Marina at 7:58am cruising north on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and docked at Sisters Creek (Free dock) NORTH of Jacksonville FL by 2:36pm. A short day by our standards but we love this particular spot and before long the wall was FULL!!  After several long walks on land and a few visits on the dock it was bug:30 and time to turn in.  There was a lot of talk about the weather and if one forecast was better than another.  Honestly, we review several forecasts and follow our gut.  Sometimes it works to our favor…and sometimes…

4/9/2022 Before it got bad - horizons rarely slant!!

Saturday 4/9/2022 we departed Sisters Creek at 7:45am (low tide) knowing a Small Craft Advisory was in effect for 0-20 nautical miles “out” (meaning in the ocean).  We were travelling in the ICW – fairly protected waters except for the inlets from sea – we knew the inlets might be a little “bumpy”.  WRONG!!!  The St. Andrews Sound in GA (approach to Jekyll Island) was a MONSTER!!!!  Ten minutes before we arrived at the inlet I checked my phone for weather…GALE WARNING!!  Great…we were at the point of no return – hold on, here we go!!!  NINE MILES of 4’-6’ waves attacking us from the port stern (left rear quarter) and port bow (left front quarter) depending on which way the boat turned!  Waves over the bow, spraying the fly bridge, limiting visibility, sea water pouring through any opening it can find, anything not secured was tossed about…yep, Gilligan’s 3 hour tour was our reality!!!

Just after we entered the Sea Monster Sound I called a boater several miles behind us…the call went something like this:  Mick, this is Robin. Turn around! This is terrible! You won’t like it – it’s awful!  Do not come out here!!  His response was “well there’s an anchorage up a creek about 4 miles. Can you make it there?”  I had no idea which way “the creek” was and didn’t have enough hands to hang on AND check the charts.  We motored on.  But Mick did find that anchorage, he was the smart one!

By 1:38pm with the helping hands of many dock assistants and fellow boaters we were secured on an outside wall at Jekyll Island Marina!!!  BRUTAL doesn’t begin to describe the conditions we were in….the WORST SEAS EVER in our lives!!!  Once our pulse rate returned to normal The Lower Place was deep cleaned inside (sea water can be sticky and smelly) top to bottom. Since the waves were still crashing and the wind was howling any outside work was not happening – it was SO LOUD AND BUMPY!!!  By 5:00 the water started to calm, I was able to shower and dress for dinner and we were able to walk on the dock without getting knocked over!!  By 6:00 pm the water was calm, the docks were still and “GALE” was a memory.  Slept like babies!!!

4/9/2022 photo taken at 7:47pm 
What a day!

Sunday 4/10/2022 while several other boats were staying a few days to recover from the Gale Experience we left the dock at 7:58 am and headed “outside”…that’s right, we boated in the Atlantic Ocean!!  It was gorgeous!!!  Several big advantages to outside cruising…no low tide issues, avoid no wake zones and PLENTY of room!!  We cruised our normal speed of 8-9mph and docked in Savannah GA at Thunderbolt Marina at 5:48 pm.  A LONG day but very well worth it!!  Hello Georgia!!

4/10/2022 Atlantic Ocean - EPIC DAY!!

4/11/2022 Sunrise over Wilmington River, Savannah GA

Monday 4/11/2022 Thunderbolt had diesel at an acceptable price ($5.25) so we topped off and headed out on the ICW since the weather in the Atlantic looked “bumpy”.  Back to watching the tide, no wake zones and other boaters…oh well.  By 3:16 pm we anchored at Patriot Lucy’s (not sure how these anchorages get named, but I like it) at mile marker 523.

Tuesday 4/12/2022 passing by Charleston SC

Tuesday 4/12/2022 by 7:13 am we were out of Patriot Lucy’s spot and underway again cruising the Coosaw River finding our way to Graham Creek Anchorage in South Carolina by 4:27 pm!!  Hello South Carolina!!!

4/13/2022 Daybreak from Graham Creek Anchorage

Wednesday 4/13/2022 by 7:07 am we were underway again (GREAT ANCHORAGE!!) and enjoying the splendid weather!!! With tide against us most of the day we didn’t seem to have any issues with low water risk but I was looking at the weather for the next few days.  By 3:23 pm we were docked at Osprey Marina in Myrtle Beach SC!!  Laundry time!!!

Thursday 4/14/2022 what is this????  We are staying an extra day in a marina!! Wahooo!!  Time for some boat chores since laundry was done yesterday.  Troublesome fresh water leak in the galley has been FIXED!!!! Hard to find and harder to repair but Captain Fix It was successful…I’m so blessed!!  With the threat of rain Charlie is working hard washing salt from the boat – I know that sounds counterproductive but it really works!  I’m working on a grocery and sundry list for whenever we might see a store again and updating this blog!

Tomorrow 4/15/2022 we will depart once again heading north to NORTH CAROLINA!!!  The miles are clicking by and before long we will reach our ultimate destination of Norfolk VA…373 miles to go!

Until next time…

Stay healthy and God bless

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