Thursday, May 19, 2022

Did I forget something...???


Great Museum - a must stop!

Yes, I admit it – it’s been a minute since my last post (4/25/2022).  Life is in session…so I’ll pick up from where we left off.

April 26, 2022 – we are still docked at Jeannette Brothers Provision Co and enjoyed a day out & about in Elizabeth City NC!  Pedicure, Museum, visiting with other loopers and a quiet evening watching the weather…so blessed all we had was some wind!  And the Elizabeth City Bridge seems to still be in working order so tomorrow looks like a great day to depart.

Taylor'd for 2 coming through!

April 27, 2022 – rise & shine!!!  The first voice I heard this day was Taylor’d for 2 (Chris) calling the bridge for an opening…WHAT???  Apparently, they and Never Land didn’t want to risk being left behind, I waved from the back deck of The Lower Place, in my bathrobe, coffee in hand – we’ll be there in a bit.  We didn’t depart until 6:53am – confirmed Charlie had recovered from his severe food allergy episode the day before and the morning after grogginess of Benadryl.

The Great Dismal Swamp "not-so-welcome" center

It wasn’t long before we were enjoying the gorgeous weather and calm protected waters of The Great Dismal Swamp!  This was our second trek through this canal and it didn’t disappoint…but what the…!?!?!?   A suspicious package found at the Welcome Center, bomb sniffing dogs brought in and a “heavy law enforcement presence” precluded us from stopping!!  Oh well, thanks for the warning, we will continue on to Douglas Landing (another dock along the route). By the way, the “events at the Welcome Center” was a non-event but we certainly do appreciate the attention to detail to keep us safe.

So we docked at Douglas Landing with Taylor’d for 2 and Never Land and the girls headed out for a bike ride (I borrowed a bike from Never Land).  It was wonderful to get a little cardio and girl time…we even saw a bear!!! Ha Ha

Bear sighting!!!!

We made it to Virginia!!  Wahoooo!!!

Dinner was my favorite type…we all made something, gathered together on Never Land and shared the meals!!  It doesn’t get any better!!!!

April 28, 2022 – up early and off the dock by 6:54 am to finish our Great Dismal Swamp journey.  We tied up at the north lock and Charlie jumped off the boat and across the street.  There was a Hardees’s and everyone wanted a Chicken Biscuit…of course!!!  Today we were headed to Top Rack Marina, our final stop before Norfolk and the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous!!  By 11:45 am we were topped off with fuel and tied safely in a slip for a couple days.

The Great Dismal Swamp 4/28/2022

It was time to rent a car for a day, get a few provisions, do a couple loads of laundry and prepare for next week.  All the early mornings, long cruising days and tide/current/wind boat math was worth it…time to Rendezvous!!

Sunset 4/29/2022 Top Rack Marina, Norfolk VA

April 30, 2022 – It was a short hop from Top Rack Marina to Waterside Marina in Norfolk VA…one hour and ten minutes.  Home for the week!

The Lower Place parallel parked at
Waterside Marina, Norfolk VA

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